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Issue No. 004
September 30, 2022

I know I haven’t updated you in a while First name / friend. I was actually considering switching to quarterly emails so for this year, I guess that’s what we’re doing 🫠
I have been unseasonably motivated to create but not so much design products, let alone all of the elements that go into advertising and promoting them. Have you felt this way before? The artsy part is flowing but the rest? Eh. 

lately on the blog
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I consider myself lucky to still enjoy the project process, I have really just lost the mojo it takes to post them online. Something about social media has become especially exhausting year after year. I guess it is one of those constant struggles that comes with the ride right now. 

Anywho! There was one freebie released recently, you can check it out by clicking on the image below. I made all of the photos in this email clickable, so just check out whatever looks interesting this time around. 
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updates in the shop
The big news in the shop is that all of the printables are now being redesigned to work in note-taking apps! This was an often requested feature that I have finally figured out how to deliver on. I personally use GoodNotes so that is where I test out my stickers, but they should work in most of the most popular apps.
Each sticker pack or sheet will come in full sheet and individual PNG forms to make it simpler for you to use. Plug them in as elements or download the whole collection.
Just a note, since these are made for digital planners, they my transfer to print a bit differently. Some images may have transparent elements or shadows and shading to make them more sticker-like.
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subscribers always get 20% off

As far as what’s been going on with me, all is as it should be.
My family had some health stuff going on for a few weeks, followed by a big change in our family composition. It wasn’t exactly the best summer ever. That said, everything is starting to feel like it’s mellowing back out again. Finally.
Truthfully, I am SO glad to be back here, doing what I love.
Grateful and sending you my virtual love,
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