The Sunday Dinner Table

I hate to start off with a cliché - but man summer FLEW by. Like where did July go? We ended up booking up our summer in April with having two family vacations – one with my family and one with James. Add on two work trips and a trip for My Sister Made Me Buy It, and I have not been home one weekend this summer.  I never take them for granted, though, and am so glad I have a job where I get a lot of time off after being there ten years.
I have also been terrible at cooking at home this summer because I have not been home much and grocery shopping and meal planning is one of my responsibilities. It is such a chore. I think every woman has to look back on her life and think “ man, I cannot believe I used to call my mom at work and ask her what was for dinner.” THE AUDACITY of ten-year-old me. My punishment is that I will now be asked that everyday around 4 pm for the rest of my life. Because I hate this question so much, I never want to plan what's for dinner and then we end up Doordashing something or going out. 
Even if we DoorDash, we do still try to eat at the table. Rebecca loves to go around and talk about our “Rose, Thorn and Bud.”  Rose = what was good, thorn = challenge/bad and bud = something you are excited about. It is a great way to understand what is going on in her life.  I highly recommend doing this with your family! 
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has a great week! Below are some new posts and a roundup of things previously posted. Thank you for subscribing!

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This week in posts
I actually made four feed posts this week – might be a record! I learned from Courtney Grow – just post it. Do not worry about the time or how many likes you get. I have been trying to do that and it feels so free-ing! I hope I can keep up with it. My only issue is doing something worthy of getting my picture taken or asking someone else to take my picture. It makes me feel so awkward!


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