August 2022 Newsletter
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I'm excited to share my August newsletter with you!
In this edition I highlight:
  • The counseling calendar for August
  • The opening of this year's Common Application
  • A comprehensive look at data in college admission, with expert thoughts on making sense of it to find the best matches
  • My thoughts on the pitfalls of cognitive bias in college research and decision-making
This summer has been busy and energizing. I'm enjoying getting to know my students! I'm looking forward to the work we'll take on in the months ahead with the rising senior cohort, as we help them identify their voice and tell their unique story.
In addition, I've traveled across the country (taking in several public flagship university campuses along the way), and I've had the chance to connect with great colleagues at conferences. At the Higher Education Consultants Association conference in June, I had the chance to discuss best practices of independent counseling with some of the architects of this profession. In July I reunited with colleagues and friends from many years in the admission world at an annual gathering of veteran counselors and enrollment leaders I co-founded in 2006. I feel privileged to participate in those spaces and to be able to share my experience with peers as well as with a range of clients around the US and the world.
If you or someone you know needs application help, I still have space this month for a few rising seniors who would like support with the college application process this fall!
-The next few months are also an ideal time for this year's 11th graders to get on board with a comprehensive counseling package, and begin the process of self-reflection, initial list building and research.
-Families with students in grades 8-10 can begin an advising package to do some exploration of interests, and check in with me as questions arise on course selection, extracurricular engagement, test prep, and other topics related to making the most of high school and preparing for a low-stress college search.
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