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Plants, Patio Furniture & Home Decor Sale
Hey Guys!
Things have slowed down around here. We are getting ready to plant pansies for the upcoming fall season. Mums are starting to get big! 
We have 4 sizes of mums available. 4.5", 6", 12", and 14". They range in price from $5.99-$29.99. We have plenty of colors to choose from.
We have been having a lot of calls on yellowing/lime green grass in yards. This is typically because the grass gets water logged when we spend so much time trying to keep it wet. Won't hurt to let it dry out for a day or two every once in a while.
We have all of our pots out and a great selection to choose from.
Stay cool!
See y'all soon!
Aaryn Cathey

We have a huge selection of Patio Furniture in stock for you to purchase. Come check it out!

  • Have weeds? Come talk to us about the different options for spraying them in your yard.
  • Have holes in the yard? Use Soil Mender Soil Mix to fill in the spots your dog has dug up! This is a great combo of Top Soil and Cotton Burr Compost!
  • New flowerbed? Do you need to amend the garden? Add Back-To-Earth Cotton Compost to your flower beds and garden to help break up that hard clay!
  • If you have been cleaning out flowerbeds, I’m sure you pulled some of the mulch up on accident! Freshen it up now to help hold moisture and control weeds. We have a multiple types of mulch to choose from! AND SOME IS ON SALE!
  • Time to fertilize your Fescue and Bluegrass! These are cool season grasses that love growing in the spring and fall! Use Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron to keep it thriving
  • Have trees that aren't as green as usual or even yellow? Use Medicap Iron Implants to bring them back to life! This is traditionally an iron deficiency. 

Mexican Wind Spinners
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Ratana Biltmore
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Regal Metal Dragons
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Spider Plant
Hanging Baskets
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Chicken Manure
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Toscano Unicorns
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All 4" Herbs
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Element Tree
Essentials Lotion Candles
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See y'all soon!
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