Hi there, I'm Leah.
I'm a mountain grown, free spirited wild woman navigating this thing we call life with curiosity, compassion and the urge to push myself out of my comfort zone. Every week, I sit down at my computer to write my thoughts, process my feelings and share them here as a way to keep myself accountable. I hope the stories I tell bring you comfort, a new perspective and the craving for a grand adventure.

A letter to your body
I had planned to write to you about rock bottom, what mine looked like and how hitting it can sometimes be the best thing ever. However, life had other plans this week.
On Thursday I attended a webinar by Janne Robinson about shifting our limiting beliefs around money, and it was very enlightening. In the middle of the lesson she spoke to healers and asked the question, “do you prioritize your own health? Massage therapists, when was the last time you received a massage?” Well, this one smacked me in the face. I am the only massage therapist in my rural mountain county and scheduling a massage would require at least an hour's drive, so I’ve been putting it off… all year! (can you believe that?!?) I also paddled the lower Yough on Thursday and was shocked at how sore I was on Friday. I woke up Saturday, still so sore I wondered if I actually injured my body. On Sunday I set out on a 12+ hour work day massaging clients. My shoulder pain moved to my neck, into my back and down my arm and leg. At the end of my work day I could hardly walk out of the building. Monday wasn’t much better, so I woke up early this morning to see a physical therapist. The PT diagnosed the problem (a severe nerve impingement in my C6&7 caused by overly tight shoulder muscles), realigned everything and gave me a stern talking to. He said I was approaching the age when I needed to start taking care of my body. He said my core was weak, because I haven’t “worked out” in years, my shoulders were tight because I haven’t been stretching and my body was out of alignment because I’ve been overworking my muscles without any relief. The truth is, I preach self care but I haven’t been following my own advice. I have all the excuses; I don’t have the time, money, I’m too tired, I don’t feel that bad, I can push through. In reality, my muscles are screaming “what the fuck are you doing to us??” Self care can be as simple as drawing yourself a bath or as luxurious as spending the day at the spa, it can be whatever makes us feel good, and it does make us feel good! So why do we put it on the backburner? This body is the only one we’re going to have, and if we do everything right, we’re going to have it for a long time.
This is your sign to schedule a massage, an acupuncture appointment, do your PT regimen, go to therapy, stretch, spend five minutes strengthening your core, take a bath, do whatever the fuck you need, just do it for you.

Growth Mindset 
Journal prompts around money
Fill in the blank
Money is _______
My mothers relationship with money is ______
My fathers relationship with money is _______
Are you noticing any correlations? Are you holding beliefs surrounding money that are not yours?
Moon Cycle Tracker
Follicular phase (the week after your period)
Once you end menstruation, you will notice you’re filled with a renewed energy. You will feel your most creative, social and loveable self. Take advantage of this energy to birth new ideas, take action, practice using your intuition and build in your power. 
If you are loving these little weekly guides and want more, I am in the creation process of “a cycle guide for the divine woman” and I will need some helpful feedback. Reply to this email and let me know if you want to be a part of the beta group launching in a few weeks.
Follicular phase (the week after your period)
Take yourself on a date! Whether you’re single, in a new relationship or have a long time partner, take yourself on a damn date! It can last all day or just an hour. You can do whatever you like; get dressed up, or don’t, buy yourself flowers, go on an epic adventure, people watch, spend an hour reading your favorite book in a new location, take yourself out for coffee. Dating ourselves is the best way to rekindle the love we feel for ourselves and baby, we fucking deserve it. 
The Societe
I’ve been a huge fan of the BossBabe podcast for years and I joined their online mentoring program for female entrepreneurs in January 2021. This platform is so valuable that I have kept my membership, even with extremely limited internet. Once a week you get a live call for either mindset coaching, goal setting or questions answered by an industry expert. You get actionable steps to move you towards your goal by addressing purpose, audience and systems. You also get access to a library full of monthly masterclasses highlighting leadership, legal, marketing, sales and social media. This is a wealth of knowledge for someone like myself who is trying to navigate this business world without a business degree. If you are interested in joining yourself, click the link below and get ready to feel inspired.
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High mindset / Low Budget
Step up your yogurt game
Drop a couple dollips of your favorite yogurt into a bowl (bonus points if it’s a cute bowl) and top with granola. You know this, it’s nothing new. But what other toppings do you use? Fresh blueberries, halved red grapes and cubed apples all taste amazing. Add some extra crunch with walnuts or almonds and if you have the time you can candy those nuts by tossing them in melted butter and brown sugar, then broiling them until they’re crispy. 
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Holy shit you made it!
 If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, I would love for you to send me a message and start a conversation. :) 
Cheers to the journey, I'm so grateful you're along for the ride.
Until next week,
Leah Staley
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