coaching for women
exhausted, unfocused, torn
 Trying to balance life, work, relationships yet finding yourself feeling unbalanced?
The experience is real.
The depletion we are feeling and facing is real.
Maybe not every day, but enough that the weariness and sense of wandering can overwhelm and distract.  It can feel unanchoring.
I resonate deeply with the unbalance and so do many of the women I connect with daily, women who are experiencing days that feel unstable, unfocused, uninspired and maybe unhappy.  Women who have weeks of sprinkles and some, experiencing a downpouring that creates confusion and compromises our capacity.
There's hope and a next step to shift towards greater capacity, connection and clarity.
A space [in person or virtual], to explore resilient strategies that are rooted in soul-filling hope.
A grace-filled, guided space to:
-process challenges, transitions, decisions
-determine direction in areas that lack clarity
-experiment with strategies to have conversations with greater confidence, even the difficult ones.
-emerge new possibilities and purpose in how you live and work
-discover your strengths, how to leverage them and when left unchecked they could be sabotaging the very progress you desire.
-realign what you value and your day-to-day calendar to live with greater focus and less regret.
-rescript a story you've been telling yourself so you can better love you, those around you and this life you've been given, even during challenge.
You get to decide.
Is this your next brave step that moves you forward?
Unsure, curious or ready to invest in your life?
Let's connect for a no cost conversation.  Then decide if this is the reset you need to live with less exhaustion and more energy.
I'm ready, are you?