I thought I could trick Covid. Apparently, I was mistaken - obviously.
The last eight days have been agonising. I got Covid. It really doesn't matter where or how I get it. My symptoms were tolerable. However, taste and smell haven't really fully recovered. It had vanished a few days ago. It's the simple pleasure of smelling food to satisfy one's appetite, or smelling one's favourite perfume to lift one's spirits, or simply smelling raindrops as they fall onto a hot bitumen road. 
I didn't do much the entire week except rest, sleep, binge-watch Netflix, and count the days until I felt normal again. This tidal wave of emotions has taught me a few lessons.
Life will always be a rollercoaster ride. You are sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom. It could be extremely fast or awfully slow. But one thing is certain: you must buckle up. Because if you don't do it correctly, you may fall. 
Fasten your seat belt because life is also about making choices. It's normal to have qualms. Take your time to understand the significance and how it affects you. If it's worth your time, go ahead and do it. Talking to people you trust is always helpful. Outsiders will always make assumptions about you, so accept them. Social media is an open platform. People are free to say and comment on whatever they want. But keep in mind that you are not answerable to them. It's entirely up to you.
To everyone, you're too old to not make decisions for your own happiness.
If the people around you make you feel both empowered and powerless, there must be a reason. Perhaps it's a wake up call for you. Good or Bad, I leave it to you to decide.
Wish you all have a good Monday. Cheers!
Ps. Feel free to share your thoughts. I'm still resting (partially).