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August 2022 vol. 3

Close Call
We had an extremely stressful day here at Amber Oaks Ranch last Friday. In the middle of a conference call, I received a text message from a family member about a fire nearby.  As soon as I received the text, Molly ran in the house telling me there was massive smoke over the horizon. I immediately hung up the phone and went outside to take a look.  Sure enough, the neighbor's pasture was on fire. 
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Seeing that emergency response vehicles were already approaching, I decided to wait and see what would happen.  Since the wind was blowing from north to south, and we were east of the smoke, I wasn't quite panicked.  However, due to the possibility of the wind shifting at any moment around here, I started taking precautions.  I recall seeing a video of a farmer cutting a fire break with a disc harrow – the idea being to cover up any combustible vegetation and arrest the fire.  The idea seemed good and very effective, so I removed the hay forks and hooked up the disc harrow. About that time a helicopter arrived onsite.  At first I thought they were circling to get a good look at the fire for command & control, but they soon landed in our neighbor's pasture and hooked up a bucket sling to drop water on the fire!  They made about two dozen drops, scooping water out of the pond and dropping it on the fire.  It was quite a sight to see and very effective at arresting the progress of the fire.  
The helicopter, coupled with several engines from the surrounding community were able to contain the fire in short order.  Of course “short order” to a fire is still enough time to consume about 65 acres of drought stricken grass and shrubs.  The fire came to within 100 yards of our property, and within about 20 yards of my neighbor’s home, which is where the helicopter focused most of its efforts as there were a lot of trees to add fuel to the fire.  
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Once the fire was under control, the helicopter returned to base and the ground crews took over to contain the small areas of burning timber.  They offloaded some heavy equipment and cut a small fire break while they doused the embers with water from their trucks. That evening we went to bed knowing the experts had things under control, but the acrid morning air was a reminder of just how lucky we were.
A great big thanks to the local area emergency response teams (over 14 jurisdictions) and the Texas A & M Forest Service out of College Station.

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Fresh, Free-Range Turkeys!
At Amber Oaks, our turkeys are raised out on pasture eating plenty of grass and bugs.  Though we supplement them with grain, they get the bulk of their diet from our chemical-free pasture where the grasshoppers abound. 
We raise the Broad Breasted Turkeys here at the ranch, so you’ll have plenty of plump, juicy meat - sure to satisfy your holiday guests.
Not only do they taste great, they’re healthier too, as pasture-raised meats are higher in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. You’ll take comfort knowing no antibiotics or synthetic chemicals are used to produce your holiday centerpiece.
Don’t delay, sign up today as we only have 50 available.
You’ll receive your turkey the Tuesday before Thanksgiving – FRESH, never frozen.  
Holiday Turkeys
$7.50 per lb. 
$50 Deposit
Pflugerville Farmers Market 
(Tuesday, Nov. 22nd from  3 pm - 7 pm)
Taylor Farmers Market 
(Tuesday, Nov. 22nd from 10 am - 11 am)
Elgin Farmers Market  
(Tuesday, Nov. 22nd 12 am - 1 pm )
Amber Oaks Ranch 
(Wednesday, Nov. 24th by appointment only)


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