Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump


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What have you decided to “revisit”? I hope you're enjoying the final week of the un-slump! If you're catching up on previous prompts, that's OK too! Wherever you are in your journey and process, be present and have fun!

JOE “This week, I revisited all the different techniques I practiced over the past 4 weeks and put them all together into one. Watercolors, paint pulling, calligraphy pen, stickers, courage, execution = one collective piece." (Below, left. See a short video of this piece here!)
VANESA revisited some watercolor postcards she wasn't happy with and redid some shadows, added birds, starfish, footprints, and/or a sun. (Above, right. I really love the addition of the footprints!)

TYRA “The first mark I made on ‘Week 0’ looked like a woman laying on her side to me so I want to try and sketch it out over the mark and then add some sort of background!"

For me, I really like my Week 0 mark as is, so I'll be leaving it alone. During our “uncomfortable” prompt, I actually had another idea so I think that's what I'll be exploring this week. I'm still kinda working it out in my head but so far it's going to include writing/text and collage…

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If you'd like to get some inspiration from our community, visit the gallery and see what everyone has been up to! (The self portraits have been my favorite! If you haven't seen them yet, I highly recommend checking them out!)

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I'm looking forward to seeing what you've created for “revisit”! I'll keep this short and sweet and save my sentimental reflections in the last email I'll be sending out on Friday to wrap all of this up! :) Enjoy the rest of your week and talk to you soon!
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PS: I'd love to include your work in the gallery! If there's anything you'd like to send me from any of the weeks, please do so by this Thursday, 8/11 by 7PM PST. That way I can add it and have it ready for the final email!

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