Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump

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Thank you SO much for being a part of the very first Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump! I hope it helped you get inspired, sparked new ideas, and encouraged you to create! It was a wonderful experience sharing these prompts with you and seeing how you interpreted them. Every idea and piece was so unique--a beautiful reflection of the artist who created it. Thank you for adding inspiration, joy, and creativity to my summer and un-slumping with me :) I would love to continue to stay in touch! You can connect with me through my regular monthly emails, Atiliay Notes, Instagram, and TikTok.

I really enjoyed putting this together and am excited to offer it as a year long newsletter!
The idea is to keep that creative spark and inspiration going throughout 2023 with an affordable subscription model. This allows me to cover expenses, continue to do this work, and share even more content and it allows us to create, explore, and connect all throughout the year! For all the details on what you'll receive, the schedule, and more, click on the link below. 
Sign ups will officially open in October but if you're ready to sign up now, you can do so at the link as well! For this 2022 SSUS community, I'm offering the annual subscription at a special rate of $55 (that's less than $5/month and $10 less than what the regular rate will be) and $45 for students with a valid 2023 ID. 5% of proceeds will be used to support arts education by supporting a classroom through
If you subscribe by August 19th, you'll also receive a small gift in the mail in Jan to kick things off with! :)
Early bird thank you gift offer will close on 8/19/2022 at 11:59 PST.
Let's make 2023 a time when we embrace, explore, and cultivate our creativity all year round!

A note on the Summer Un-Slump series: I believe in keeping art and creativity accessible so this will always be a free series with new prompts each year. (If you're part of the paid subscription, you'll get additional PDFs and inspiration!)


Don't forget to visit our gallery! I am continuing to add more photos as I receive them and hope you'll check back and see what our fellow artists have created.  It always inspires me to look through them!

Thank you again for sharing in this experience with me! I hope you have a great rest of your summer and that I'll get to create with you again soon! Take care, keep that creative momentum going, and remember to 
“Inhale possibility, exhale creativity.” -Laura Jaworski
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PS:  If you have a moment and would like to share your thoughts, you can fill out the SSUS 2022 Survey here. As a thank you for your time and feedback, I'll be sending you some snail mail! Thank you to those of you who've submitted a response!

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