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Dear Parents,
All of us at Wayne State are very excited to welcome you and your student into their new campus home starting with the first day of check in on Thursday, August 25 for new students and on Saturday-Sunday, August 27-28 for all other campus residents. We've sent information about move-in to your student's email, including mandatory pre-arrival requirements to complete. However, as a parent who has moved my son into campus housing in the past, I want to highlight some key information that should help smooth what can be both an exciting and overwhelming day for you and your student.
First requirement: Every student coming to/living on campus is required to submit their COVID-19 vaccination and booster documentation or have an approved waiver in advance of moving to campus. To learn more about the vaccine mandates and to submit your documentation, visit our campus COVID-19 website.  Students who arrive for move-in without having provided the required COVID documentation will not be permitted to move into their campus room.  Your student will also be required to have a flu vaccination, and more information about availability on campus and the deadline for compliance is available at the COVID link above.
  • Prior to arriving on campus, all students must complete the campus daily screener. To start the year off right, your student should complete the screener THE DAY BEFORE they are scheduled to move in and THE DAY OF their arrival on campus to move in. (And then every day thereafter!) No daily screener = no move-in. (The screener is available online at and takes about 20 seconds to complete!) Encourage your student to always complete the screener honestly, as this daily check is important for their health AND the health of our Warrior community.
  • If your student is cleared to be on campus, they will receive a GREEN SCREEN and a QR CODE that your student will be asked to scan before entering their residence and several other campus buildings.
  • If your student is not cleared to be on campus, they will receive a RED SCREEN and a phone call from a Campus Health Center staff member for further screening. Your student may then be cleared or referred for testing. Students cannot come to check in without a GREEN SCREEN.
  • Guests and family members who will be assisting with move-in, must also complete a guest screener, which is available online at
Second and very important:  Please come to campus at the appointed day and time.
  • To check-in, students who live in Ghafari Hall, Chatsworth Suites, Towers Residential Suites, and Anthony Wayne Drive Apartment must report to the Welcome Center (located at 42 W. Warren Ave. Detroit, MI 48202) prior to driving to their housing building. Students living in University Towers Apartments and Thompson will report directly to their buildings to check-in at their scheduled time. Your student must bring and present their OneCard, a cleared campus daily screener, and their Check-In Pass (printed or digitally), which they should have in their Wayne State email after completing all the online training modules and prerequisites.  (If they deleted the email, your student can pull it up on Please talk to your student to be sure they have completed all the online materials necessary to get the check-in pass.  No check-in pass = no move-in.
Bring your rain gear and a dolly.  Once your student has their key, you will drive to your assigned housing building and be met at the designated unloading zone by a Warrior Welcome Crew member who MAY have a cart for you to use.  (We have dozens of carts but not enough for everyone at the same time.)  If you have a hand cart or dolly, please bring it, and you'll be glad you did! Consider bringing only what is absolutely necessary for your student to start the year if you live within a reasonable driving distance - no need for winter coats or boots just yet. Move-in goes on rain or shine – so if it's raining, we'll have some tarps, but bring an umbrella or two! They will help protect your belongings as you unload. A driver must stay with your car, and you must move your car to parking structure 2 as soon as it's empty. You CANNOT leave an unattended vehicle at the curb. PS 2 is on Anthony Wayne Drive near our housing buildings, but you have to drive a big circle from where you unloaded and enter from the service drive along M-10, so carefully follow the signs!
Carts and elevators = Patience!  Getting from the car to the room with your belongings can be the biggest challenge. As part of our COVID-19 mitigation efforts, anyone helping your student move in must also present a green screener (see above) and receive a wrist band to be admitted to our housing buildings.  There are never enough elevators for everyone coming at once, if your student's room is on a lower floor in any building, stairwells will be open to carry belongings up to the rooms if you want to skip the elevator wait.
Saying Goodbye. Your student will have their first-floor meeting at 8 p.m., so after they are all moved into their new campus home, you'll want to say your goodbyes.  Your student joining this meeting is an integral part of creating community within our buildings and attendance is required.
Meals before Saturday, August 27.  Fall semester meal plans start with breakfast on Saturday, August 27 at the Towers Café. If your student has a meal plan and is permitted to move in any day before Saturday, August 27, the university will provide a Welcome dinner on Thursday and breakfast/lunch/dinner on Friday. If your student has not purchased a meal plan, they can do so online at Individual meals can be purchased at the entrance to Towers Café during this period also. It will be a good weekend to explore Midtown a bit, and there are lots of delicious places to eat both on-campus and nearby off-campus. Many even offer exclusive discounts to students through the "Show your OneCard and Save" program.
If you need anything or are unsure about the next steps during move-in, we have a hotline available during each day at 313-577-2116. You can approach anyone in a Warrior Welcome Crew shirt or with a university name tag with questions or for directions. We'll also have staff with walkie-talkies who can contact more help if needed. More details regarding move-in can be found online at
We hope you have a great move-in experience and thank you in advance for following our COVID requirements and all the other instructions to create a smooth experience for all. We will be sending you a survey in September and look forward to your feedback about your day and your suggestions for future Move-in days.
Go Warriors!
Tim Michael
Associate Vice President and Chief Housing Officer
Division of Student Auxiliary Services
Wayne State University
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Office of Housing and Residential Life
582 Student Center Building
5221 Gullen Mall, Detroit, MI 48202