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“I learned that time was our most precious asset. It can't be refunded, replaced or bought. So to be wise with who and how I choose to spend my time with.” - Wise words from Dr. Parul Dua, after supporting her brother, Dr. Manu Dua, on his Oral Cancer journey
What have you learned or changed since your cancer diagnosis?
We want to share news & information with you and for you!
  • Have you ever felt like Kathy Griffin?
  • Did you know your old clothes can help cancer patients?
  • What YOU should ask your dentist….
  • An affordable night at the movies & supports cancer!
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Has This Happened To You?
Did you see the news this week about Kathy Griffin?  She asked her twitter fans to help with results after feeling “ghosted” from her doctor? Luckily, it appears she is receiving good news, and some of us know the feeling of not getting answers in the timely manner we want, especially when we are most anxious.  I always remember telling my doctor that I want a call, BEFORE I can read results and try to interpret them myself from the portal.  Do you google all of your portal results before hearing from your doctor?  Have you also felt “ghosted” by a doctor?  How can we help change this?  Let us know!!
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How Your Closet Can Help Cancer Patients…
Do you need help with gas money, groceries, mortgage payments or need other financial relief while on your cancer journey?  Three brave, female cancer survivors are here to help you!  Cancer Cartel was founded by Katy, Kerry & Shelly and they have created a passion-driven, grass-roots, national, nonprofit.   
They combine their love of luxury fashion and lifestyle with helping cancer Warriors pay for the overwhelming, unexpected costs of cancer.   Donating luxury fashion to them is one way they raise funds.   All donations are passed directly to cancer Warriors and all operating costs are underwritten.  They fund their mission through donations, grants, strategic brand partnerships and events.  They also collect and sell our donated luxury items through our partnership with the RealReal and other luxury resellers. Their mission doesn't work alone.  There are so many ways to join the Cancer Cartel Family.  If you or anyone you know is suffering with the financial toxicity of cancer, go to the website and click on the "ask for help" tab!
The Cancer Cartel share their cancer journey “hacks”:
Kerry used her love of cosmetics and beauty by putting makeup on every day, she was able to maintain her sense of self.  Katy used her love of fashion to get through those difficult times, often browsing and shopping online, dreaming of putting together amazing outfits. Shelly used positive affirmations cards and books to stay positive and focused and also loved watching funny movies and shows knowing laughter is the best medicine sometimes.
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Say Ahhhhhhhhhh!
We want to provide you with practical information.  After hearing from Dr. Parul Dua, a dentist, who lost her brother, Dr. Manu Dua, also a dentist to tongue cancer, we want to share simple information to share with your friends and family….because….we can never say it enough…EARLY DETECTION is EVERYTHING!  These are just a few signs to look out for from Dr. Dua and she wants to remind you to ask your dentist at every visit to check all areas of your mouth and under your tongue.  
  • If you have any mouth lesion that doesn’t heal within 2 weeks (even if NOT painful)
  • Any swelling especially on one side of the head or neck
  • Pain while swallowing or eating
  • Hoarseness or prolonged coughing
  • Pain in one ear
  • Trouble opening wide or when sticking out your tongue the tongue moves to one side
Dr. Dua is sharing the writings of her brother’s journey.  In the last few days he reflected and wrote a series of blogs that are now a book called "Life Interrupted, Dr. Dua's Survival Guide" available on Amazon. This book deals with life, loss, his lessons as he faced his mortality at age 34. He talks about finding beauty in small things, facing fear, learning from failure, respecting death and to leave the world a better place. 
TO LEARN MORE about ORAL CANCER go to  Did you know they also have a site called that teaches you more?
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While so many are mourning the loss of Olivia Newton John to metastatic breast cancer, there’s some lightness for all of us from AMC Theaters.  Now you can go to the theater for only $5,00, with $1.00 of the fee going to support Breast Cancer research.  My Cancer Family loves to share light in darkness.  Fun for your family while supporting cancer. Go to to find a theater near you! (NOT and AD, we just love this)!
A Place To Call Home During A Cancer Journey
As a reminder, or in case you are new to us, My Cancer Family will be the safe place to go for community, support, resources and help…Everything from getting to the right non-profit that offers FREE programs to helping with nutrition to tutorials for how to put on eyelashes, to sharing wisdom we learned (like why your nose may run all the time), to connecting anyone with a survivor who knows and understands.
Find, Share & Unite
We want to support you and everyone you know who has had cancer, is going through treatment, or is newly diagnosed and their families and anyone who is affected by Cancer.
Cancer Sucks.  F*** Cancer. We Hate Cancer. 
We know this already.  We can’t change that for you. 
We CAN change your journey. 
We WILL make it easier and better.
We are YOUR Cancer Family.
Stay Positive,  
Denise & the My Cancer Family family