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Hello, First name / my friend,
I'm sure I've said this before but I always find September to be the moment of fresh starts. I don't know if it's the back-to-school vibe or the end of summer or just seeing a new year looming on the horizon, but Septembers kick me into gear. That's probably why I never plan to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month--a monthlong challenge to write a novel, beginning to end) but always find myself cranking out a project each November. 
I hope your September starts off beautifully and keeps going strong all the way through. Bonus--an all-new book from me (and it's a big, beefy one too!) on September 20. This book has all of my favorite things: 
- A marriage of convenience
- Farmers markets and harvest festivals and homecoming weekends, oh my!
- "No one has to know"
- Everyone knows. Of course they do, it's small town law.
- Decade-long pining
- Awkward moments in scrubbing the bathtub
- A jam sales competition
- A six-year-old who swears at chickens
- “I'm drunk and alone in a strange bar so I'm going to text my fake husband”
And so much more! No but really. I could go on for days but instead of doing that and making you wait three more weeks, I'll leave you with a few other goodies for you today--including an all-new short story from me in a charity anthology, a special Amazon sale, new recommendations, and an upcoming event
Stay well, my friend!
xo kate
September 20
  • No Amazon preorder. This book will be live on Amazon on release day and exclusive to Kindle Unlimited. 
  • If you read from Apple, B&N, or Kobo, please be sure to sure to preorder and download your book on release day. It will not be available from those stores after release day.
  • Paperbacks (they're so gorgeous!) will be available on release day.
  • Jason Clarke and Kit Swann will be narrating the audio book and we're still finagling the release timeline for that.

We always have something to talk about. Usually involves shenanigans.

p.s. There are probably typos in this message. Probably in the bonus content too. It does not matter how many professionals review a manuscript. It really doesn't. Those bastards get through like the labrador-sized woodchuck sneaking under my fence to eat all of my wild raspberries.