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Friends of LD…my favorite season is here! 
If no one has officially welcomed you to autumn yet… WELCOME! Autumn is here! My mornings walks with my pup, Stony, are chillier, my hoodies are in a solid rotation, and my neighbors have pumpkin-everything EVERYWHERE
If we've been in shared space the past few weeks, you've likely heard me mention the duality I've been experiencing recently, of being excited to be IN the fall season while simultaneously feeling like the time is speeding by me! 
My intention for this season is to be free enough, to slow down enough, to be present with these autumn days that I love so much…before they pass me by. Before the stores accost us all with the holiday shopping pressure(!), I'm also wishing you some PRESENCE this fall 
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in pursuit of liberation,

Take good care! See you next month!

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