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Carnegie Cottage (Airbnb Location)
Corner of Carnegie & Walnut
Lorraine Howard Photography
113 E. Elm Street
Bunkhouse B&B (Airbnb Location)
One mile outside Winnsboro
DNA Smoke House
503 E. Carnegie Ave
Check out our on going list of 2022 new businesses below! 
The Elusive Turkey- Restaurant & Bar
218 N Main Street
Backstage Coffee Lounge
217 Main Street
Havens Café
303 Main Street
Coyote Smoke BBQ
Pump Gym House
500 Park Street
Modern Country Art Gallery
215 N. Franklin
Elm Street Apothecary
300 Main Street
Angelic Interior Designs
606 Main Street
Rust BBQ - Every Saturday @ Cypress Brewery
200 E. Carnegie

Winnsboro Center 
of the Arts
200 N. Main Street 
Winnsboro, TX 75494
A full nonprofit organization whose goal is to engage people in the arts through educational programming, cultural experiences and entertainment. The breadth of activities offered through the Center is made possible through the generous support of its members, sponsors, and its many dedicated volunteers.
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Originally established by a group of local artists and concerned citizens in 2001 as Trails Country Center for the Arts, the Center’s name was changed to Winnsboro Center for the Arts in 2009 by its Board of Directors. The Center’s location at 200 Market Street was renovated in 2014. Winnsboro Center for the Arts (WCA) is a vibrant, multidisciplinary cultural center in the heart of the Cultural Arts District and hosts a variety of activities from concerts, theater productions, and art exhibits to classes, workshops, and literary events. Activities geared especially for children include music and art lessons and summer camps.  Festivals include the Art & Wine Festival and Festival of Books.

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This growing organization has more plans for the future. It's biggest vision is the completion of a new performing arts building. This beautiful Performing Arts Center at 206 Market St. will offer flexible seating that will encourage a variety of activities in addition to concerts and theater.
As it develops it will eventually lead to the renovation of our original building and increased capacity for educational programming at the Annex. This vision can only happen with the generosity of donations from current residents and visitors that want to have a place where the creativity of arts can come to life. Be sure to visit their website if you are interested in making a donation. 
This location offers many events from concerts, comedy shows, poetry readings and more with October being a big month for their October Roundup of scheduled events in conjunction with The Autumn Trails Festival.
Other services are its various educational classes and fun creative workshops from music, art and craft style lessons. There are just too many to list, for more information visit their website.
Please show our featured center for the month some love and stop by the arts center or attend an event if you haven't already. For the full month of October be sure to bring your Center of the Arts receipt to our store and enjoy 30% off one regular priced item (some exclusions apply). One discount provided per receipt provided.  
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If you want a Blooming Spring, you got to get busy in the Fall!
If your thinking of possibly putting your home on the market next spring and want to make sure it has amazing curb appeal, or maybe you just want your own yard to be blooming and thriving come spring. Tending to your garden might seem like a fitting job to tackle come spring, but in reality fall is the prime time for yard maintenance to get ready for the season ahead. Most people think of fall as the end of the season for their yard or home garden, but everything you need to do to prepare your landscape for spring is best done in October and November. 
Think of it as getting ready for a big dinner party: You wouldn’t want to clean and cook at the same time
Come spring, your plants will be ready and waiting to take off as soon as the weather is right.
Scroll down to see six tips for fall yard maintenance that will get your front yard, backyard, and vegetable garden in order so it can thrive next year.
1. Get rid of weeds
One of the best ways to control weeds and keep them from returning in the spring is to clear all existing weeds in the fall. Garden gloves are a must when handling weeds to protect your hands and keep them from getting irritated. Use cutting and digging tools when removing large or established weeds. This allows you to lift the entire weed, including the roots, which is essential to effective weeding.
Post weeding
Spread a generous layer of organic compost or mulch over your beds. Next, sprinkle organic preemergent in the beds but not in the spots where you want flower seeds to come back in the spring. Preemergent keeps weed seeds and other seeds in your soil from sprouting. The final step is to lightly water your beds to help them settle, and allow the preemergent to be absorbed into the soil.
2. Prune perennials
Most perennials benefit from a fall cutback, by the time fall rolls around, many perennials have completed their seasonal bloom cycle and are looking a little tired, so cutting them back to the ground gets rid of any tattered foliage of plants like shasta daisy and garden phlox. It’s also important to remove any leaves that might be harboring pests or disease pathogens at the end of the season.
Exception to this rule
Is to wait until spring to cut back any perennials—such as Helleborus (a.k.a lenten rose) that look attractive in the winter—or anything with evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage. 
Recommendation: Felco garden shears because they’re comfortable to hold and easy to use when it comes to pruning perennials.  

3. Prep the soil
To enhance soil fertilely, give it some TLC early on. Mulch leaves from the lawn (you can use a mower), and put them into your flower beds, along with compost and wood chips. This will put lots of nutrients into the soil for spring planting, help with weed suppression, and keep roots and perennials insulated from cold winter temperatures. For a quick soil blanket, rake up the leaves, put them into a pop-up gardening bag, and take them to the beds or compost bin.
4. Divide greenery and plant bulbs
Planting spring-blooming bulbs, like tulips and daffodils, is a project that brings a dash of color at the end of a long winter. Bulbs can be planted anytime up until the ground is frozen in the fall and early winter. Using an auger drill bit will help speed this project up, or you can simply dig holes with a trowel. The bulbs should be planted to a depth equal to or about two and a half times their height.

5. Clean up the compost pile
Compost will break down more slowly with the cold temperatures of winter, so fall is an ideal time to clean out your compost pile and keep things tidy. Any leftover compost can be spread out over your garden beds before the winter to fortify the soil with healthy microbes that encourage root growth. 
6. Get rid of yard pests
The best way to keep pests out of your garden in the fall is to remove their favorite hiding places. Hostas, daylilies, and other perennials are a haven for slugs and snails, who love to lay their eggs (which will hatch in the spring) in the foliage. You’ll want to cut back in the fall. You should also sprinkle organic pet-safe slug, snail, and earwig bait in early to mid October to reduce the number of pests that pop-up in the spring. 
TIP: When you’re removing yard pests, make sure you’re examining your garden plants closely and remove any leaves, sticks, or debris. This debris can harbor eggs or dormant pests over the winter. Remember that any yard waste you remove that may have been infected with disease or pests should be burned or discarded rather than composted.
Thinking about selling 
your home in the near future? 
This section is key for those looking to possibly list their home in the near future. Now I am not saying to go out and start a garden at your home, but it is important to keep in mind that curb appeal is huge. With this market shift sellers are having to do more than they have in the past year. Your not able to just slap any number onto your property and wait for 20+ offers over list come rolling in. If your thinking about selling you need to look at your home from the eyes of a buyer. Meaning, are their updates that can be done to help boost your list price? Is their landscaping that needs to be done to boost your curb appeal? Could you power wash the exterior of the home? Update paint to a neutral color throughout? Hire a staging company to present your home in the best light? With this new market you'll need to think about these things. I recommend to always start prepping a couple months before you are thinking you want to list your home, talk to a real estate professional who can help you decide what it items are important to help you get top dollar for your home. Every home is different so its best to speak to someone who knows what buyers are out in the market searching for at that moment and which updates will net you the most return. 
 – Jorden Anderson
Looking to sell or buy a home in the future, I'd love to chat how we can make it happen
Jorden Anderson
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Lender Note
What to be careful of with these increased rates?
Ok, ok I know the above section can be daunting looking at the rate increase since last year. But don't let it entirely burst your home buying dream bubble. Yes, rates may be higher, but this is when it means everything to be speaking with a great local lender. Someone you trust to help you find the best loan for you! Trust is key moving forward, so you want to be sure you are working with someone who is being honest about where the market actually is. I've seen it so many times, someone does a loan app online or with another lender and they spit out a rate that is NOT current. So they say they can get you a 4-5% rate with no points. THAT IS A LIE. Be wary of the BAIT and SWITCH! If your getting a rate like this YOU ARE paying for points. Points can be great to buy down your rate but it is important to think of all the factors that make that point necessary or not. If your lender isn't explaining this to you, or the system is saying its possible to get that low rate. You need to talk to another licensed local lender. As your only going to end up disappointed or upset when they can't get you what was promised at the beginning. --Daniel Anderson   
If your interested in seeing what is possible for you I'd love to chat about your goals
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Daniel Anderson


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