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ICYMI, I recently hosted a LIVE on my Instagram shop where I, together with Alberto Giaimo–my brother and the lens behind most of my brand content, who also helped design my beautiful, sustainable packaging–discussed 
building a transitional weather Twelve-Piece Capsule Collection. 
We styled pieces from my current collection with complementary items that you might already have in your closets. I’m sharing it here in newsletter form so you can refer to it each time you need some inspiration and help you create outfits that will leave you feeling great and confident this transitional weather season!
For those of us living in geographical areas moving into the fall/winter months, I know how challenging it is to dress in these “in-between months” when it’s still very warm, yet fall is just around the corner. And, we all know how fun fall fashion is! I love fall fashion mainly because it allows you to create more sophisticated looks, and you can have fun layering up when it’s cooler out or down on those warmer days.
I organized each look with different climates in mind. This concept is at the very core of my collection and why I designed my pieces with elements like removable sleeves to make the clothes adaptable to most weather conditions. 

My design ethos is creating garments that complement the beauty and confidence you already have. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, I gained a lot more weight than I was comfortable with, and I didn't feel good wearing many items in my closet; I thought, "I never want any of my customers to feel that way when dressing up." 
It's interesting how clothes can affect your mood. I made these pieces so that you feel confident and good in whatever shape. I remember those times when designing the collection and always thought, "I want women to feel confident in a Chabella piece."
We had fantastic feedback, questions, and participation from the audience, and it was such a fun LIVE to host. I can't wait to do it again! I'd love for you to let me know what kind of content you’d like to see next time. 
As always I hope this newsletter was not only useful but inspiring to you.
Hasta la proxima–until next time,
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