We have had/ seen lots of customers feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options available when choosing a bed. “Which frame is most durable?”, “Are some frames more durable than others?”, “Will this design go out of style soon?”, “Does this fit my existing decor?” - these are some of the questions we get when assisting showroom customers.  
Here are 4  qualities to consider when choosing a bed. 
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Durability -  A good quality bed frame should last years. Given how much time we spend resting or sleeping, beds are one of the most-used pieces of furniture in a home. It is important to invest wisely in good quality frames. 
We understand that your bed could have multiple uses and you might invite family members of different weights overtime, that is exactly why we only produce reinforced beds that are sturdy enough to take over 150KG weight. Our heavy duty construction means they are truly built to last. 
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Comfort - Did you know the comfort of your mattress is just as important as that of your bed frame? Bed frames with slats offer some flexibility- sprung slats provide cushioning and solid slats feel much firmer. We bet you didn't know this - speak to us about your comfort needs and we'll deliver the most suitable comfort for your bed. 
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Storage Options - If you live in a small house, storage will be important and your bed can support this need. You should consider under-bed storage to keep your room tidy and organized. Ottoman beds are also brilliant alternatives and DO.II is ready to offer #QualityInEveryDetail.
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Aesthetics - Our beds are designed in an array of styles, materials and colours - from modern designs to traditional options. We often recommend choosing a versatile frame that suits various decor styles, this gives you the freedom to redecorate your space at will without changing the main bedroom piece often. 
Stop by our showroom at 642D Akin Adesola, VI, Lagos or shop online at www.doii-designs.com to see more beds.

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