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Here's LOVI Grooms' mission: create a knockout wedding outfit that looks timeless. How do we do this? We honour tradition, but look to the future. Take Sandaru Nimalasiri's navy sarong outfit. We changed up the classic silhouette to include an admiral collar and lined the entire look in golden brocade. Note the detailed embroidery adorning the cuffs. It's the details that set LOVI apart but we'll let Sandaru and his wife, Sajeevie, tell you more about it…
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How did you two meet?
Sandaru: We met eight years ago through a mutual friend at an event in London, and became good friends afterwards. Funnily enough, we had actually been introduced at a cricket match in 2009 but didn't even speak to each other then. 
Were you nervous to pop the question?
Sajeevie: Sandaru proposed in August 2021 after five years of dating and I don't think he was nervous. This was years in the making.  There were some difficult periods especially when I was in Melbourne and Sandaru had to move back home to Sri Lanka. But we got through it because the foundation of the relationship was friendship and best friends can get through anything. It made the proposal more special. My favorite song was playing in the background and there were fireworks. He also called my parents and close friends to witness the event. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
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Name one detail from the wedding celebrations that you loved the most and why?
Sajeevie: We loved our going away the most. It was in a lovely classic car surrounded by our nearest and dearest. It really felt like the beginning of a very special chapter of our lives, built together with the support of our closest family.
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Why did you choose LOVI? 
Sandaru: The one thing I was certain about was that the boys and I would wear LOVI. We both loved the cultural yet sophisticated look of the LOVI Groom, not forgetting that Asanka is a dear friend and an absolute delight to work with. I had already worn LOVI for our registration. From the fabric to the details, this outfit was nothing short of perfect and I felt my absolute best on my wedding day. I still receive many compliments about the outfit.
Sajeevie, how did you choose your outfit?
Sajeevie: I wanted to wear an Aslam Hussein Bridal because of the timelessness, elegance and the feeling you get when you wear a masterpiece by him. It was completely stress free and he delivered above and beyond my expectations. 
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From everyone at LOVI Grooms, we wish you both a lifetime of love! 

Thank you so much for being a part of everything we do.

speak soon.