Celebrating Tharaka & Thameera
With a love story that started out as an Instagram DM and then thrived during a pandemic and crisis, LOVI Groom Tharaka Dissanayake and his wife, Thameera Galkaduwa are an example of how love will always win despite the circumstances. For the hopeless romantics out there, this LOVI Club interview is for you…
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How did you two meet?
Tharaka: I met Thameera through a mutual friend at a party. Even though the meeting was brief I wanted to get to know her better.
Thameera: I found him cute and knew he was going to search for me. I was correct––the very next day he added me on Instagram and this love story began. 
Tharaka: We started to talk quite a lot but this was during COVID lockdowns, so the minute it was possible I asked her out for a dinner and the rest is history.
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What was the wedding was like?
Thameera: It was a small, intimate wedding with our close friends and family by the beach in Bay Villas, Balapitiya. Our plan was to have an outdoor wedding on the lawn but due to rain we had to change it to indoors and our amazing wedding planners (The Wedding Designer) made it happen. Despite the weather, we managed to have our dancing floor on the side of a hill located over the ocean, which was breathtaking. 
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 Were there a lot of obstacles to planning it?
Thameera: Yes, everything was a obstacle! But we wanted to get married without delay. Asanka actually had to drive to Balapitiya in the heavy rain with our outfits to dress us in time. He made sure all the groomsmen refrained from eating any food so that no one would spill anything on their outfits until the photos were taken! 
Why did you choose LOVI as your wedding and homecoming attire?
Tharaka: I loved LOVI sarongs and had been a customer for a while so the choice was easy. We met Asanka who is an amazing entrepreneur and is putting Sri Lanka on the map for fashion. We became close friends and he made sure our vision came to life with perfect attention to detail.
Thameera, how about you?
Thameera: I am originally from Kandy and always wanted to be a Kandyan bride so I chose Indi Yapa and her Brides of Indi team to make my dream a reality. They came to the villa on the day to dress us up and executed everthing perfectly with my saree and the bridesmaid dresses. 
Final thoughts…
Thameera: I married by best friend and I couldn’t be happier. Asanka was extremely helpful throughout the process; we only had to tell him our ideas and he executed them perfectly. Thank you everyone for making our dream day extra special. 
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From everyone at LOVI Grooms, we wish you both a lifetime of love! 

Thank you so much for being a part of everything we do.

speak soon.