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Dear Camp People,
Summer Camp 2022 was a summer of great joy and life-changing ministry. Our theme was Boundless: God Beyond Measure. We certainly felt God’s boundless goodness, love, welcome, forgiveness, and generosity. And campers carried that learning home with them.
We asked adults to share with us what they were noticing in their kids after camp. They said:
  • “My children are more confident in themselves because they were away from home. They are stronger in their faith because of the amazing counselor role models!”
  • “Camp helped him become more excited about confirmation class.”
  • She wants her own Bible to highlight and take notes like her cabin mate. She better understands why I care about God and church.”
The ministry happening at camp is strong, but you don't have to take our word for it. Listen to what our campers have to say: 
Unfortunately, we are still recovering from the impacts that Covid has on in-person events. Our attendance is up, but not back to where it was before Covid. Inflation, supply chain issues, and the labor market have caused all camp expenses to rise sharply. And we sadly had to cancel three camp sessions due to Covid exposures.
These joys and challenges reflect just what a paradox it has been to operate Crossways Camps this year. Though we had hoped the worst of Covid was behind us, it is clear that it is still disrupting our plans – and our budget. Without your help, we expect a $150,000 deficit by the end of the year.
While this seems like a huge number, I am confident that this community of Camp People will come together to meet this need.
Leading the way in tackling this challenge is the leadership of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin. The Synod Council has just approved a matching grant of $50,000 to help navigate through the end of the year. 
All donations received starting October 1, 2022 will be doubled by this generous gift!
This means that with your help and the support of the Synod, we can raise $100,000 or more as the year draws to a close. The difference that will make in the lives of our campers is beyond measure!
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Our camps are open year round, providing a beautiful location to get away and spend time building community and reflecting on your faith. Come with a group of your own, or join in one of our programmed retreats. Registration is open for all retreats!
ELCA Foundation: Planning your Legacy, a free webinar
October 19, 2022 @ 4:00 p.m. CDT
The current economic landscape may influence your estate planning and charitable giving. This session will highlight a few key details of the current economic climate, give an overview of what you need for a solid estate plan, learn how you can leave a legacy to support your congregation and/or other ELCA-related ministries and save on taxes.
Learning Objectives —what the audience will walk away knowing
  • Learn about the current economic climate
  • Discover what you need for a solid estate plan
  • Explore the most popular ways you can leave a legacy to support ELCA-related ministries
  • Learn how to save on taxes and be charitable
Recommended audience: This presentation will be suitable for all ages and levels of understanding.

At Crossways, we love Camp People -- the donors, advocates, and supporters who make this mission possible. Because of you, we are bringing people together in Christ, so that lives are changed and communities enhanced


Grace Abounds,

Rev. Sharon L. S. Cook,

executive director