IP theft alert!
Adidas is cappn.🤔

This week Adidas got caught appropriating the iconic Yeezy sneaker design without the permission of its Creator - Kanye West. 
Over the years beginning with Run DMC to Beyonce to Pharrell Williams, Adidas collaborations have successfully borrowed the equity of Black Culture in-service of economic activity.  
In addition to the creative directors, designers, storytellers, and hands behind the brand, leveraging Black culture and creativity for the labor of commerce and revenue increasing products and operations.

Therefore, we have sent the Adidas C-Suite team an Appropriation Response Letter to offer an ethical trade solution that certifies their commercial use of Black Culture to ensure acknowledgement and economic reciprocity. While reconciling the Kanye conflict, through the lens of sustainability. 
The letter request a meeting with Adidas C-Suite to discuss utilizing the BLACK STAMP to create shared value for both Adidas and the Humans who make-up Black Culture. 
We'll keep you posted on the brand partnership progress.

So excited to stay in touch!

Keepers of the Vision

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