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Happy September! This picture was taken in Wilmington, Vermont over the Labor Day weekend and captures my mood right now (at peace) because I TURNED IN THE FIRST ROUND OF EDITS FOR WHAT YOU DO TO ME. As some of you know, I struggled with this one, even having to ask for an extension, which isn't always easy for someone who doesn't like “asking for help.” My advice: ask for the help when you need it. 
I want to thank everyone who replied to last month's post about canceling plans. I received so many thoughtful responses: how age is a factor and priorities have shifted, preferring being in one's bed in jammies, no serial cancelers, preferring the truth to a lie, and canceling for the BBD (bigger better deal) is a hard no. Congratulations to Cheryl Hart who won the featured August NBC 6 in the Mix books
I have a week off before I start the second round of edits.  And guess what? I had to CANCEL a planned trip because it interfered with the schedule. I felt awful, but our friends were understanding, which really made a difference. So what does an author do with the time off? Laundry, skin check (highly recommend although almost as invasive as the gynecologist), the gastro, flower shopping (my favorite), a visit to the physical therapist who worked on my aching neck and back, the dermatologist, and a trip to one of my favorite shops, Jessie Boutique. That dress you all liked…the sundress with the pale pink and blue flowers (below) was from Jessie's. POCKETS! Check out her site. You'll love it.
Now I need your help. I'm outlining book eight and need about 8-10 character names. I'm not particular about names. I just choose those that speak to me or people I've met and liked. If I disliked them, they become villains or cats. So far, I have a Violet and a Chandler. And Amy Applebaum. Please send your original names, male and female, and you'll be automatically entered to win September's three book picks. Make them snappy and unique! The books will be sent directly from Book Bin Northbrook. I met this fabulous crew at the Highland Park Lit Fest, courtesy of the amazing Good Book Fairy, and they're wonderful. US only. One random winner will be chosen Monday, 9/25.
Wishing all those who celebrate a Happy Rosh Hashanah. May this be the sweetest year yet.
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What I've been reading and loving... 

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Another great month for books! 
Here's my August round-up. Read the full column on 
And below you'll find my 
September books picks featured on 
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We had such a fun night in the Back Room! 
And lots of you asked for the chicken recipe... 

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Apricot Chicken
2 pounds of chicken thighs with skin
Smucker's Apricot Preserves
2 Packets of Lipton Onion Soup
Russian Dressing
Drop thighs on a lined pan and cover with the above ingredients. No need to mix. Just layer and bake at 350 for one hour.

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