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Together We Redeem Your Bloodline
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Hi friend,
A few nights ago Josh and I were watching the third episode of the new LOTR series (my unbiased review further down).
A scene unfolded in which Galadriel turns to the Southlands king. They are discussing the failure of their people to do what was right and defend the land from destruction. And Galadriel says: “Come with me to Middle Earth, and together we redeem both our bloodlines!”
 “How?" he replies. "We are stuck on this island!”
Galadriel:  “That is about to change.”
I wrote it down. And it made me think of… you.
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A few weeks ago I talked about generational sin and the uphill battle many believers face to break the chains of their family line. I don't know why the Lord keeps laying this topic on my heart of late; perhaps because, as my kids get older, I see more clearly what my parents fought to provide for me
Perhaps it's because I see the hundreds of first-generation believers fighting WITH God to make a change.
I see the single girl scared to get married, to have children, because she thinks her family line will inevitably destroy any good she could try to accomplish.
I see the husband and wife leaving legalism behind, rejoicing at their newfound freedom and yet battling the guilt that whispers: You're doing it wrong.
I see them. I see you.
I had the advantage of a godly foundation, and I do what I do today because of it. Many of you are building that foundation right now, for your kids, or simply in your character and community. You're building something new, something foreign to how you were raised, trying to catch up and learn while also teaching and leading. And you're overwhelmed at the magnitude of it.
There's a reason my favorite verse in the entire Bible is John 16:33: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
What else is there to say? In this world, you WILL have trouble. Perhaps your parents, your “line”, invited trouble in. Perhaps they embraced it, endorsed it, perpetuated it. Perhaps those choices plague you to this day.
Dear one, take heart. He has overcome what they have done. He has overcome what they have said. He has overcome what they have spoken over you. And He is overcoming the difficulty of redeeming your line.
His overcoming doesn't remove all the hurt and it doesn't always free us right away, but who the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8) and no chain of family addiction and anger and contempt and unfaithfulness and divorce gets to reign over you.
Take heart. He is doing a new thing - can you see it?
Come with me, and together we redeem your bloodline.
Maybe you've been answering like the Southlands' king: But how? We're stuck here.
And the gospels scream in hope and glory: I changed that. You are free indeed.
I want you to know that the foundation you're scratching into the dirt with a pickax is a foundation for something greater than you can imagine, and it is worth every painful step. But the best news of all is this: Jesus isn't asking you to do it alone. He will do it FOR you. Oswald Chambers says God never asks us to do things FOR Him but to do things WITH Him, and only when we are doing “for” instead of “with” do we feel burnt out. To work WITH God in His mission is to be carried along in the force of His Spirit's leading - to let Him overcome through us.
Come with Him. Redeem the bloodline.
This is the good fight.

Register for Verity Conference!
We are so close to Verity Conference Nov. 4-5 and we want to be sure everyone who plans to come gets a ticket!! I am so stoked to see you all this fall, worship together, and learn how to be a better witness for Christ in our communities. More on this below!
In the Know
  • This week's social media schedule:
    • Monday: Ask Anything on FB/IG
    • Tuesday: The Conlectio + how to listen to and for God
    • Wednesday: Verity Episode: Five Christian Creeds and Why They Matter
    • Thursday: Day in the Life
    • Friday: Book and product recs (IG)
  • For homeschool content, my new account is @willowsbendhomeschool
    • Monday: Homeschool Co-op/Weekly Update
    • Tuesday: Q/A
    • Wednesday: Farm and Nontoxic tutorials
    • Thursday: Off
    • Friday: Product and Book Recs
What I'm Reading
  • The Guardians by John Grisham: I am waiting for my next audiobooks in Libby (A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny), so while I wait, I'm listening to my first Grisham novel! I was told I would like them, so here's me finding out.
  • Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie: I consider this book a must read for all homeschoolers and all those who intend to homeschool. I will re-read every year.
  • A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters: The title on this is a little weird, but so far it's a very solid book. The author is charismatic but Word-based (a combo I love!). I'm interested to see what she has to say.
  • No Little People by Francis Schaeffer: I mentioned this a few weeks ago but I keep referring back to it - it's that good!
  • The Care of Souls: working through this so slowly and it has refreshed my heart.
What I'm Loving
  • Lotta from Stockholm Clogs: My friend Liv recommended these to me and I have always loved them but never got around to grabbing a pair. This month I made a goal of doing my Lindywell Pilates routine 6 days a week (I just feel better when I do!) and if I meet that goal + my goal of only one to-go coffee a week (I can get sucked into a bad habit of grabbing one when I run errands!) I get to grab a pair! This is the kind I'm getting.
  • Pumpkin Spice Cafe Miel - at home: To make it easier to meet goals/make changes, I have to create an alternative for myself. To prevent buying coffee out, I make it at home the way I like it. My personal recipe is pumpkin spice brewed coffee, organic whole milk, pumpkin spice creamer, a scoop of powdered collagen, cinnamon, whipped cream and caramel sauce. I whip it up on the stove - yum!
  • Rings of Power: Josh and I are watching the new LOTR series and… we are fans!!! That is saying a lot because I've read all Tolkien's books in the series (including The Silmarillion, which RP is essentially based on). It's making me want to re-read the books and re-watch the movies. Hoping it continues to be a classy show as time goes on; we haven't had any concerns so far; I think it's very well cast and I absolutely love what they've done with the setting and costumes!
  • Fall Festivities: With fall coming I am beginning my plans for fall festivals in the area and our annual harvest party, as well as All Saints Day! (Nov. 1) For more on what we celebrate and why we don't celebrate Halloween, check out the All Saints Celebration Guide/History of Halloween.
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In Our Homeschool
  • Cycle 2, Week 2 is finished! We had a blast studying William the Conqueror today in co-op, working through our science experiments and drawing mirror images! My tutor board of our studies this week is pictured below. This week, we are diving deep into picture books about the medieval times. Here are a few of our faves:
    • Caedmon's Song
    • A Medieval Feast
    • The Minstrel and the Tower
    • A Beautiful Oops
    • Brother Sun and Sister Moon
    • The Reluctant Dragon
  • The Reluctant Dragon Animated Film: Josh looked this up because we thought it would be fun to watch after reading the book. We were surprised that it's actually a complete walk-through of Disney Studios back in the 50s and how they made animated cartoons back then! The ending is the animation of The Reluctant Dragon. There is also a cute cameo of Goofy called “How to Ride a Horse” in the middle. **Josh and I noticed some subtle sexual connotations woven into the narrative - how the male visitor to the studio looks at/talks to the women, but the kids didn't catch it. Interesting to see how early this started in media, though. If our kids notice this stuff, we pause the movie and talk about it.
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On the Farm
  • I was so hoping to have our kitchen “remodel” in pictures on Tuesday… but as I am writing this, we are just wrapping it up! Stay tuned next week for before and afters. It's amazing!
  • Josh is helping me lay down landscape fabric to finally finish the garden. He's going to help me mulch it, we are ripping out the plants that are finished producing (peas and cukes) then put up the fence.
  • I'm working on securing bucks for our goats! The first step to breeding them this fall and hopefully having milk next year.
for the awakening, 

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