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What is the Affiliate Program?
dōTERRA's Affiliate Program is for those who would like to be compensated for sharing dōTERRA without needing or wanting to build a “team.” You share your link & you get paid. None of the team building or leadership activities - unless you want to! Currently only open to US residents.
What does it mean to be in "Beta?"
The Affiliate Program is not yet open company-wide. It is in beta, meaning there are just a handful of Wellness Advocates that are able to offer this as a way to beta test it. While this does require some flexibility & grace for us to figure things out as we go… it actually has huge benefits for you to be part of the beta!! 
1. It's exclusive!!! Since not everyone is able to take part, you get to be one of the firsts and help shape the program.
2. You get to give your feedback! We are literally creating and refining this program based off of our beta affiliates. We want to hear from you! This also means any changes you do see along the way, will be to your benefit. 
3. You get to be grandfathered in. The goal here is to offer this program company wide. But if on the off-chance we decide it's not a good fit for the company… You get to stay an affiliate! If any changes were to be made, you'd have a 12 month notice. (But we're pretty confident that it'll go live to everyone😉)
How long will the Beta run?
We don't currently have a set launch date but it is likely to be late 2025. As mentioned above, you will be grandfathered into the program as long as you get set up as an affiliate before the Beta closes. Once it closes, remember you are grandfathered in so you can continue enrolling customers and Advocates as normal.
How much $ would I make from my customers?
As an affiliate, you make 20% of the total PV from anyone personally enrolled by you in their first 60 days. After they have been a customer for 60 days, you will receive 10% commission on every order for life! Their wholesale account is linked to you for life. So they don't need to keep going through your link, they just log right into their account and order as they please.
Can I enroll advocates, too?
Yes! While being an affiliate does not require team building, that doesn't stop anyone under you from wanting to start a dōTERRA business.
How much do I make for enrolling affiliates?
From your advocates's personal orders - the same initial 20% and then 10%. The same as your customers. When they enroll people, you will earn 10% in the affiliate’s customer’s first 60 days. And for one level deeper, if THOSE advocates enroll anyone, you would make 5% from their customer’s orders in the customer’s first 60 days. 
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What are the requirements to earn commissions?
To earn all commissions in the first 60 days of the customer, as listed above, you need to place a 100pv Loyalty Order per month. However, not placing this order does not disqualify you from being an affiliate. It only disqualifies you from earning those commissions. So feel free to operate at your own discretion. If you don’t have anyone in that 60 day window ordering during a particular month and aren’t expecting a paycheck, then don’t feel obligated to spend that full 100pv.

*For your lifetime 10% of your personally enrolled customers/advocates, you actually do not need a minimum order to receive that commission.
Do I need to do anything else to get paid?
Though you don't always need 100PV personal order, depending on which commissions you're earning, commissions will always run based on your Loyalty Rewards template, AKA your saved shopping cart. So no matter what you're ordering, be sure after placing each order that you go back and make sure your template is saved above 100PV at all times so you don't miss your weekly commissions. 
What are the requirements to maintain an affiliate account?
There are currently no requirements to maintain an affiliate. No sales quotas or any sales requirements. The only way to no longer be an affiliate is to voluntarily opt out, or simply just stop promoting the products and continue to use your account as a customer.
Can I still do other direct sales or affiliate marketing w/ other companies?
YES! One of the huge benefits of the affiliate program is much more leniency and freedom to explore other direct sales companies. We don’t care if you’re full blown team-building for another company, or just doing affiliate work. Our only ask is that you don’t dabble in another essential oil company ;)
How do I know if I should be an affiliate or an advocate?
The main difference would be your interest in building a team and leading others to do the same. This way, you still earn that 20% for your customer's first 60 days, but instead of the 10% for life, it would drop down anywhere from 2%-7% based on their placement in your structure. You would essentially “unlock” the rest of the compensation plan to include other bonuses such as rank, Power of 3 and unilevel pay. While these eventually have a higher earning potential, it also requires more work and longer-term dedication.
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What if later I decide I want to be a Wellness Advocate?
You always have the option to upgrade to an advocate if you decide you’d like to expand your growth and lead a team. You cannot, however, go from being an Advocate to an affiliate. So starting out as an affiliate is always a great plan to give you options.
What's my role in my own affiliate work + what support would I have?
Your level of work can look any way that you want it to. Your main “job” for effective affiliate work is to introduce people to dōTERRA and help them get started as a wholesale customer. From there, you can have as much or as little involvement as you want in terms of the ongoing support. If you want, we (your support/uplines) can be hands-off and let you do your thing! Or, we're happy to step in and be the optional support person for your customers. This would include simple things like an initial welcome email from your advocate that bridges the gap between you and them to say “welcome” from the both of you, introduce your advocate and get them plugged into our streamlined customer resources, groups, etc. Beyond that, we'd only chat with them if they're the ones to reach out! 

We're here for your personal guidance! Our team also provides business resources that you’re welcome to utilize (ie. Team calls, general biz updates, trainings, graphics, etc) 
How do I get started?!
If you don't have an account yet… You set up your wholesale account just like customers do! This can be done by placing any sized order through your advocate. You can either choose “Wellness Advocate” at the time of enrolling, or you can always upgrade to WA after ordering.

Let your advocate know you'd like to be an affiliate and then our account managers will manually flag you in the system as an affiliate. Once you have signed the affiliate-agreement form, you’re ready to start enrolling! We will get you set up with info so you know how to make links, enroll, find specific resources, etc.

If you're already a wholesale customer… You'll log into your account, go to account profile and upgrade your account (for free) to Wellness Advocate. Inform your enroller once you've done this so we can get you flagged.
Reach out with further questions!

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