How do you feel about online courses, First name / friend?
It seems to me that if you're a human being on the internet, you either love them or you hate them. 
Personally, I love online courses. I owe my entire business to online courses. I've never regretted an online course, ever.
I love learning.
Buuuut, I know that's not everyone's story. There are so many scammy course creators on the internet that it has given the online course world a bad name. 
(Which I find so sad, because all the courses I've taken have been MORE than worth the investment!)
The thing is, the business and marketing world is changing every single second. And thus, a lot of the business & marketing courses on the internet are more relevant and up-to-date than a college degree would be in those same subjects. 
And at the same time, a lot of people have realized just how lucrative course creation can be, so they've figured out how to throw a couple sh*tty videos together and then write a really good sales page with a zero return policy. 
So, how do you tell which courses are actually worth purchasing? 
I wrote a little guide to help. 
(And PS—if you're writing or designing your own course sales page anytime soon, this might be an insightful read!
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