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Today's pour is a Between The Lines Copy takeover
I know, I know, you were expecting Abbey. 
Aaaand you’re probably wondering who the heck “Sara at Duo Collective” could be…
Welp, HI! I’m Sara—and I’m not usually “at Duo Collective” 😏Normally I’d be over at Between The Lines Copywriting on a Tuesday morning, chatting with my own subscribers about all things marketing and copywriting, but I convinced the Duo to let me come over here instead & chat with you!
(Apologies in advance, this newsletter is gonna be a long one—sit down and grab a coffee, you’re gonna be here for a while. It’ll be worth it, though: I promise to give you some serious insider tea by the end.)
Abbey does an awesome job of teaching you all about SEO, and content writing, and organic marketing, but… you need a website to make use of all of that organic growth magic. 
And, coincidentally, I happen to be the (self-proclaimed) website copy queen, so that’s what we’re gonna talk about this morning!
First, though, I probably should’ve given you a little bit more of an intro about me, considering the only interaction we’ve ever had was probably my episode of Duo On Air
Let me try again.
Hi! I’m Sara Noel, website copywriter and marketing mentor with an obsession for helping business owners use sales-focused storytelling to build better connections with their clients and customers. 
I’m a chocolate addict with no intent on seeking recovery, a Massachusetts with a Cape Cod obsession, an extrovert who never learned not to talk to strangers, and a complete hoe for italics. 
I have 3 bachelor’s degrees (aka a degree in everything but marketing), and people seem to think I have my life together even though every day is a battle with both ADHD and a toddler who won’t stop calling people “Cheese Puff.” 
Long story short (for once in my life), I write—and teach my audience how to write—the words that get results
The Duo and I go wayyyy back - all the way back to 2020, when I randomly won an Instagram giveaway they were doing. 
We went from IG friends, to clients (I wrote their site, their sales pages, their welcome sequence… made the newsletter template you’ve been reading every Tuesday…), to full-blown ‘complaining about our daily lives and sometimes even our kids’ friends. I’m literally wearing my Find Me On Google sweatshirt as I type this.
(And I legit debate moving to Minnesota practically once a week.)
You know what, First name / friend, let’s pause on that “clients” thing for a sec - it’s actually what I came here to talk to you about. 
Abbey and Courtney have what I like to call The Everything Website.
There’s a reason it’s the site I always send whenever anyone asks me for an example of my work — it has everything an online service provider’s business could ever need:
  • Home page
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Contact page
  • Shop page
  • Podcast page
  • Blog page (and blog categories pages—an important one for SEO! But I’ll let Abbey tell you about that one)
  • Coaching page
  • Course sales page
  • Resources page
  • Portfolio page
I mean… they’ve got it all. 
But a site like that takes work. Some serious effort went into planning, researching, drafting (hi, that was me), optimizing, and designing.
And when you know you have all that work ahead of you to build the website of your dreams—or, rather, the website of your clients’ and customers’ dreams—it can be so freaking overwhelming to get started. 
& let me tell you - I feel that. Writing website copy is literally my full-time job, and I’ve still been working on revising my own for 3 months. 
(That may or may not be because I have an addiction to taking on too many responsibilities and my toddler has an addiction to staying up past his bedtime, but that’s neither here nor there.)
So, how the frick do you get started when you know you’ve potentially got a long road ahead of you? 
Let’s talk about it.
What's Sara Serving Up
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#1 - Consider Your Goals
Do you actually *need* a site that fits under the Everything Website category right away? Or can you get by with a simple Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact?
Having a fancy site with a million different pages is by no means a necessity; all your readers are looking for when they land on your site is the answer to these 5 questions. Anything on top of that is just a bonus. 
#2 - Set A Deadline
And then make that deadline public, so you feel a sense of accountability. If you’re someone who needs a little extra push to get things done (ahem, right there with ya, First name / friend, you may want to consider hinting to your audience that you’re launching your site soon, and maybe even setting a date for it.
If no one knows it’s happening, you can continue to push it off for months and months and months. 
(And the longer you push it off, the longer it’ll take for your ideal clients and customers to find you and your offerings. Don’t leave that money on the table.)
#3 - See What Your Competitors Are Missing
During your competitive research phase—hey, Abbey, if you’re reading this, competitive research would be a good newsletter topic—take a look at what’s out there. 
What are other people in your industry talking about? What message does their website copy seem to be selling? Is there something different you can say that makes that message more clear, more direct, more relatable? 
In other words, what makes you uniquely qualified to be the best fit for their needs? What can you bring to the table that your competitors can’t? (Or, at least, aren’t mentioning on their site?)
#4 - Know Your Audience
Specifically, know them like the back of your hand. Being completely, unequivocally certain about what your audience wants, needs, desires, struggles with, wishes for, hopes to be, and yearns to achieve is THE best way to ensure you can write specific copy that drives actual conversions. 
You can read more about how to do that right here or skip the target audience development lessons altogether & grab my workbook that simplifies it all for you. 
#5 - Gather Your Testimonials
Your past clients’ and customers’ reviews are a great place to start if you have no idea how to talk about how awesome you are. 
Whenever I create what I call a Brand Messaging Book for a client, I always create a “chapter” about the things that set them apart. I’ve recently started requesting to see all of their testimonials, then pulling out the things that make them great, according to their audience. 
Just last week I had a client tell me on our review call that she’d never realized how meaningful the feedback she’d received had been until I pulled out all of the positive things they said and put them into a list. 
It’ll help you write better website copy and boost your confidence. 
(Want better reviews? Steal my feedback survey!)
#6 - Make A Plan
I’ve already done this part for you—all you have to do is download this free website launch checklist. 😉
And remember: there is no such thing as the perfect website. So don’t strive for perfect. 
Instead, strive for clear, easy-to-understand copy that your readers can effortlessly resonate with.
More info on how to do that a couple scrolls down…
What BTL is Doing
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Sara's work week
Writing the Duo’s sales page for their new offering (see below!) and finishing up blog posts for a cult-favorite Showit template design studio 👀
What BTL is Drinking
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And while you’re at it, would you like to learn how to also get the right people to your site using blogging, email marketing, and SEO? Ya know, so people can actually read that awesome website copy? And then inquire, purchase, sign up, and subscribe?
I thought you might. 😏
First name / friend, meet Site Series® — a comprehensive website copywriting and content marketing course for business owners who want to learn how to transform their website into a dream client magnet. 
This 6-module, self-paced course is relaunching in just under two weeks (!!!) and I’d absolutely love to see you inside. 
You may even see some familiar faces when you reach the SEO module. 😉
Andddd—letting you in on a lil secret here—when you sign up for the waitlist, you’re adding your name to the list of the select few who get access to the Founding Member price of $997, before the course *officially* goes live to the rest of the world for $1297 a few days later. 
& while I may be biased, I think that’s a pretty sweet deal. 
Especially because the last time Site Series® was open for enrollment, this is what my students had to say about their experience…
>> “If you're someone who has a website, this course is worth every penny."
>> "Every single question I had about website copy was answered—this course was 100% worth the investment."
>> "Bad copy can be the death of your business. Sara's course will help you learn how to make your website more compelling."
>> “I feel so confident in my copy now & my ability to write it, which is something I never had before and I’m so grateful for that.” 
And the 2.0 version of the course is even better. 😏
xoxo Sara

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For when you’re ready, here are Duo (get it, that’s two) ways to work with my lovely biz besties Abbey & Court
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If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur, you’re in for a treat. 
I don’t know if they’d be cool with me saying this, but I’m telling you anyway—I told you I’d give you the insider info, remember? 
Okay, here’s the tea: Abbey has been telling me about this marketing mastermind for months, and every time she tells me about it, I tell her to raise the price.
You literally get TWO CMOs for an entire year dedicated to helping your business grow. This isn’t just some group program with a Facebook group and some pre-recorded training sessions. You get legit one-on-one access, every month. On top of all of the other stuff that I have no clue if I’m permitted to tell you about yet. 
I mean, the amount of value she and Court are giving?! Those 10 masterminders that get the 1:1 access to them for an entire year for both support and done-for-you services are some lucky ass people (am I allowed to swear in this email? Sry, I’m a little more potty-mouth than your usual Midwest Nice girlies). 
I’m spending all week this week working on the sales page for their year-long marketing mastermind, created specifically for multi-passionate entrepreneurs like you to help you get visible online and grow your business to new heights… and I can say with certainty that it’s freaking worth it. 
Is your website ready for Google?
As for the second way to work with the Duo—I’d like to personally recommend the SEO website audit with optimizations…and I may or may not be recommending this package specifically because it means you get 2 hours’ worth of copy optimizations done by me. 😏
But seriously, I see all the work the Duo puts into delivering these audits and I’m in awe of how much time and research goes into them. You’ll never regret a dime spent on the Duo.