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Hello, First name / my friend,
I am so thrilled to tell you (finally) that IN A JAM is now available! This book has:
- A marriage of convenience
- Farmers markets and harvest festivals and homecoming weekends, oh my!
- "No one has to know"
- Everyone knows. Of course they do, it's small town law.
- Decade-long pining
- Awkward moments in scrubbing the bathtub
- Slow burn (if you're thinking “no, please, no” I promise I'll make it worth the wait)
- A jam sales competition with some grabby hands
- A six-year-old who swears at chickens
- “I'm drunk and alone in a strange bar so I'm going to text my fake husband”
The love for this book is pouring in along with requests for bonus-upon-bonus epilogues into infinity. Audio narrators Kit Swann and Jason Clarke will be getting to work on this project soon and I expect we'll have a gloriously long, amazing recording come January. 
Stay well, my friend!
xo kate
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We always have something to talk about. Usually involves shenanigans.

p.s. There are probably typos in this message. Probably in the bonus content too. Even if I hired ten editors to comb my work (and I have almost that many on staff), something would get through. Kind of like that one horrible bit of dried onion that falls from the everything bagels onto the cinnamon raisin. There is no greater tragedy than an onion'ed cinnamon raisin.