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Studio Newsletter
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Last month I created the piece shown above - it was commissioned by Christine for her partner John!
John (shown below) is a sound artist / DJ; Christine wanted to gift him a piece of art which would absorb and refract sound. 
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I made the forms out of cardboard clad with an adhesive-backed velvet flocking material.
The largest design challenge here was the creation of a framing system behind the piece that allowed it to be mounted / dismounted easily from a single point.
I created the framing system out of PVC pipe! 
Keep an eye on my Instagram for the length process video!
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I began a “Lines” design exploration with the piece shown below.
There's a lot of potential for exploration with this theme and i'm excited to create more pieces like this!
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The art below combines lines and color and becomes incredibly dynamic with a moving light cast on it!
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One of my first friends in this city, Eross, got married last weekend.
As a wedding gift, two of his best friends, Ian and Brian, commissioned a Bull themed artwork pursuant to the mascot of Durham, NC.
First, I sketched a few Bull concepts…
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As an alternative concept, I designed an abstract form based on the geometry of the Bull Plaza in Downtown Durham, where the Major Bull statue stands as an emblem of the city.
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This is meaningful plaza as it is the meeting point from which Eross, the giftee, regularly leads group bike rides. 
As I've forged many Durham friendships through these group rides, this plaza is a meaningful place for me, too.
In this design, the “peak” of the form represents roughly where Major Bull stands relative to the plaza shape.
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Alas, the client liked the literal Bull head design better, so I created that! 
I have exclusively created abstract designs up until this point and had to overcome a lot of mental resistance to pull the trigger on creating this piece. 
Once I did however, I loved the way it turned out!
I ended up incorporating the Bull Plaza form into the design after all.
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Below is the final piece!
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I'm very happy with it, and so are Eross, Ian, and Brian!
Check out the full-length process video for this art on my Instagram by clicking the link below!

Up Next!
Running into multiple roadblocks working with pulped paper has led me to shift gears and explore other materials to create modular sculptural elements. 
HDPE (high density polyethylene) has been the most successful material I've tested so far! 
The goal is to create sculptural elements which ship flat, and are easily assembled upon arrival!
This is an ongoing exploration but I'm getting much closer to my goal. 
I know i'm onto something good here! 
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To accompany the Bull artwork, Brian complimented the art with the gift of a multicolored light (Durham colors, of course)
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I have been dreaming of using multi-colored lights on my work and this image really solidified my resolve to explore this theme further. 
Stay tuned for updates on this exciting concept!
That's all for now my friends! Thank you for your continued interest in my work!
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