Thank you for attending “Seasonality A Celebration of Taste, Place and Connection”
A special thanks to our Community Partners for their promotional support! We are grateful to the panelist for generously giving their time. Each voice represented a critical part of the ‘food movement’. 
The conversation captured, in many meaningful ways, the connectivity food inspires. Panelist, David Standridge noted, "If you are eating seasonally, you
are most likely eating locally, and if you are eating locally, you are supporting local farmers."
A few highlights: 
* Relationship: builds trust & supports a local food economy & culture 
* Catalyst for healing: look to your landscape for healing herbs and foods
* Create pathways: to share resources,  ideas, and for collaboration 
* Know your representatives: engage them on just food systems and VOTE
* Know your farmer: ties between farmer + consumer fosters food security
‘Of the summer’
A Gruyere cheese made with milk from cows grazed on the most pristine pastures in the world ~ wild herbs, wildflowers, flora & grasses ~
produces outstanding flavor.
‘We are the people of’
We learned from Dawn Spears, “As Indigenous people of this 
land we should be eating what is native to our land. The Narragansett Nation 
is named ‘we are the people of this small point of land”. As the people of this 
‘small point of land’, we are part of the ecosystem. We need to be eating this 
food in order to keep ourselves healthy.  It goes beyond who we are as Indigenous people, it goes to who we are as people."
Ways you can support this work!
The Shipwright's Daughter: experience a regionally sourced meal. 
Fairfield-Greenwich Cheese Company: taste small batch artisanal foods.
Food For Thought: sign up for Natalie's excellent newsletter. 
Dawn Spears: purchase beautiful art.
Image item
Image item
Artist: Dawn M. Spears, Narragansett/Choctaw
Medium: Watercolor, Ink | Dim: 9"X12"
Copyright: 2021 Dawn Spears
"My work reflects my culture and our relationship to plants. I use the symbols from nature, deconstructing every image from a forest landscape to a twig, the lines, curves and contrasts are where I gain my inspiration. I like creating work that is subjective, bright and thought provoking.” ~ Dawn Spears 
Building an Equitable & Local Food Economy
October 19,  2022 
@ 7:00
See you in October!
Ali Ghiorse + Sarah Coccaro