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October 2022
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Dear First name / Friend,
Before I celebrate the change of season, let me say my heart goes out to those in Florida who have lost their homes, business, and even loved ones. ❤️ 
With shorter days and cooler nights, the leaves here in MN are starting to turn shades of gold and red. It's my favorite season, even though it's fleeting, and I know what's coming after. 🥶 But for now, I'm going to choose to live in the moment and enjoy the splendor!

Trick or Treat?
Enhancing Fall Colors in Lightroom

I wish all the trees would change at the same rate, but they don't, and sometimes that can be frustrating when you want to have vivid color behind your subject and one or two trees are not cooperating. But in Lightroom, there's a trick I've come up with that lets you selectively enhance fall colors for an even, vibrant landscape.
Free Download: Fall Trees Adjustment Brush
A few years ago, I created an adjustment brush preset that slightly lowers exposure, adds saturation, and puts a warm tone over areas you brush using color. You can download my fall brush adjustment preset here:
Once you brush it on, you can make further adjustments such as moving the Temp slider toward yellow for further enhancement. If you don't know how to install an adjustment brush preset, here's a tutorial: 
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Before: Actual Color
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After: Enhanced Color
So what do you think? Is this a trick or treat or both? If you try this trick, tag me in your photo so I can see your pretty fall colors!

New Vlog! Photographing Horses in Iceland

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Go Behind the Lens with me as I Photograph Horses in Iceland! In this video, I share all about the experience and show behind-the-scenes footage with the resulting photos.⁠ 🤧 Kleenex warning, I got pretty emotional at one point, but it was warranted. 😆

“Horses of Iceland” Calendar Pre-Order

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My 2023 calendar will to feature images from my trip to Iceland! You can see which photos will be included and pre-order today at $3 off the regular price at 


I've decided to switch things up a bit with this section of my newsletter and broaden the scope to anything I would recommend. So in addition to books and podcasts, I'll share about articles, products, events, etc. that I personally recommend!
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Read: Building a Second Brain
I teased this in last month's newsletter, but I must mention it again because this book is seriously changing my life! Capturing creative ideas, sparks of inspiration, and things I don't want to remember is helping me feel more organized and freeing my brain to have even more room for creative thinking! It's also lowering my anxiety because I don't have this low-level worry that I'm forgetting something. 
If you don't have time for a complete book read right now, you can watch this video for an overview. But I do recommend reading the book for a more in-depth analysis.
Watch - Fly Water - FPV to New Depths
I haven't had my mind blown like this in a while. This video of a drone flying in and out of water seems impossible! But if you watch to the end, you find out how they achieved this.
Listen - Get Your Shoot Together: Normalize Aging to Your Brain
I love this podcast for all the funny, casual banter between the hosts. But they also share a lot of wisdom about photography, business, and life. This episode hit me hard as it was a discussion around normalizing aging and self-acceptance as we age. Now that I'm in my 50s, I'm experiencing many changes to my physical appearance due to perimenopause. It can be a frustrating time (like puberty in reverse)! But this podcast helped me think about the importance of still getting in front of the camera and accepting life's changes.
Buy - Battery Wallet
I have two issues with my Canon R5. The first is overheating for video, and my second is how quickly it runs through batteries. I can't tell you how often I've had to take a battery from one camera to the other because I ran out and didn't have a spare. But now I have this handy Battery Wallet where I also store an extra memory card or two. I have marked all my batteries with a gold sharpie so I can see which ones are charged (dot visible) and which are spent (no dot visible).
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Is 2023 Your Year to Become a Confident Equestrian Photographer?

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My Wings Mentorship is a 3-month online learning and group mentorship experience for Equestrian Photographers like you. I have some exciting new things in store for this next Mentorship and will share more in the coming months as the launch date approaches.
Registration for Wings will open in November and will be limited to 20 participants. If you want to be the first to know, you can sign up for the Wings Mentorship Waitlist. 

#SPPMentoringMonday Carousel Posts

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Do you follow me on social media? If not, or if the evil algorithm doesn't show you my posts, let me share a new thing I've been doing for Mentoring Mondays that's quickly becoming very popular. Topics so far have been: 
If you don't want to miss future posts like these, you can follow the hashtag by going to and clicking "Follow."


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