Do you remember MirandaSings, First name / friend?
If not, let me tell you about her.
MirandaSings was a Youtube icon back in the late 2000's and early 2010's. 
Still kinda is, tbh.
She'd part her hair in the middle (back when that was cringey to do), wear bright red lipstick, sing out-of-key and out-of-tune, and make vlogs about how talented and popular and perfect she was.
At first, people thought she was serious. People hated it. And in fact, she was the first ever creator that I witnessed get hate comments. (I must have been, like, 14.)
But MirandaSings continued on, and as her videos got more and more caricature-y, people started to realize—oh, this is a bit! She's purposefully pretending to be the insufferable musical theatre girl we all hate!
It was honestly iconic. And you didn't even have to be a theatre queen to get a kick out of it. She was basically a household name back in the early 2010's!
As I was thinking about all of this recently, I realized—MirandaSings is my first memory of brand voice
(And quite literally, too—me and my friends would imitate her.)
MirandaSings went from building a Youtube following, to doing a tour, to having a TV show, and more—and all because she dared to set up a camera in her house one day and create this whole character with an extremely specific, polarizing brand voice. 
And after some further thought, I think more online brands & service providers should be following in MirandaSings footsteps.
When we talk about brand voice, we're usually talking about our website copy, our Instagram captions, and how we show up online in our messaging. 
But now that much of the online content we see is video-based (i.e. TikTok, Reels, etc), what does that mean for brand voice? It's no longer limited to just copy & writing—it's verbal and energy-based now, too.
So, I put together a list of a few successful AF TikTok creators with wild, wacky, specific, and sometimes polarizing brand voices and a little case study about what business owners can learn from each. 
(And seriously, this was one of my favorite blog posts to write this year!)
If you need me, I'll ALSO be rethinking my entire TikTok strategy 😂.
But if you're interested in the TikTok platform, I have a free webinar for that! Click here to learn more ;)
Stay warm out there,