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Lately I have been hearing quite a few people talk about their “sucky” or “bad” day. My question for these people is this “was it really a bad day or just a bad moment in your day and you allowed that one bad moment to take up your day?” When I ask this people usually pause and think about it and say it was a bad moment they allowed to ruin their day.
I had to learn how to live in the moment. Before I did, I was always full of anxiety and depression, always worrying about my tomorrows. Today I don’t even think about my tomorrows, I truly just take life one day at a time. I don’t even look at my schedule until either the night before (so I know when I need to get up) or that morning.
Since learning to live in the moment I have discovered that my days never suck and if I have moment that does it doesn’t last long for, I recognize it was just a moment in time. I also have become less reactive for I am no longer stressing about the future.
I recently filled out an intake form for a consult appointment I have with a Nutritionist/Herbalist, and it was a good feeling to rate my stress level as a 2 or 3 and that made me really think about the fact that I really do have very little stress in my life for by staying in the moment I just don’t worry about stuff like I used too.
Being present in this moment allows me to be so much more grateful for all I have and will receive. After all a moment is really all we have and so much can happen in a moment, and we tend to miss the small blessings when we are too focused on our tomorrows.
So, the next time you think or feel like you are having a bad day, ask yourself “was really the entire day or was it just a moment that you allowed to take up your entire day?”
May you all find the blessings in your life moments and let go of all the rest. After all you have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring so why waste this moment worrying about it?
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer and Psychic Medium
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