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It's October!  The colors are changing, all the pumpkin-spiced things are coming out (whether you love it or hate it!) and we're digging out our sweaters and boots. Yay for the change of seasons! 
Some of you are getting ready for college auditions (if that's you, can you send us a quick reply with what schools you're hoping to get into?)!  Some of you are getting ready to launch or have just launched projects and concert series (which, congratulations, that's no small feat). Some are gearing up for auditions or interviews - and we send you all the good vibes for putting yourself out there. 
We see you out there digging in, working hard, moving forward and staying persistent. And we are cheering for all your efforts! 
Not only do we cheer, but we are dedicated to providing you with the resources, ideas, action plans, templates and spreadsheets — TOOLS – for you to move forward and achieve your goals with more clarity and efficiency! 
Each month at Music360 we present talks, classes and workshops aimed at just that - giving you knowledge and tools that support your musicianship, artistry, life and career. 
What's coming up in October?  So glad you asked! 
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These live events are all part of our Thrive program, and there are two ways you can attend these classes: 
1. You can attend single events by registering here: 
2. You can join Thrive - it's a monthly membership that gives you access to a library of video lessons (think Netflix for your music career) for all instrumentalists which includes these monthly live classes and workshops, office hours and a community of like-minded musicians! 
We'd love to see you inside! 
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