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Hey Friends! October is here and I guess I’m finally going to have to put away the last of my
summer flowers and trade them for more pumpkins and pinecones! It’s always a slow transition for me. It’s not quite fireplace weather yet, but it’s definitely no longer daisies and fresh-cut grass weather!
There's something about those hints of cinnamon, orange, and nutmeg, ya know? And if you
don't, oh my goodness you are missing out! Young Living is kicking it off too with some of these diffuser fall favorites as free gifts, and I am here to fill you in on all the scoop!
First things first! Every month, Young Living sends free gifts with each order of 100PV+ and
this month's gifts have something for everyone, including one of my favorites that are crucial
through the colder months!
Here are all the deets. Read all the way through to hear it all.
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Make sure to place your order through Loyalty Rewards (our monthly subscription program) to get all of the items for free!* Read more HERE
This oil is a fall diffuser favorite when mixed with cinnamon bark and orange, but did you
know it's also amazing for the adrenal gland? Place one drop above your kidneys, and thank me later!
An oil you can breathe in and immediately feel the grounding effects. This oil is another great
one to diffuse in the cold months for all the balanced feels and clear breathing.
The list goes on with diffuser favorites for the changing seasons, but this one is also a great
natural numbing oil. Dilute a drop or two with coconut oil and rub on the gums for teething or
for anyone who feels the need.
Out of all the oils listed, this one is the most amazing for your whole body. Take Copaiba
Vitality daily in capsules, apply topically to areas of focus, or inhale to balance the body.
Put this in your diffuser ASAP. The aroma of cinnamon bark brings back all the sweet childhood
memories of cinnamon rolls, fall outings, and cinnamon sticks. It's uplifting to the spirits and
super cleansing to the body.
This supplement combines bee pollen with nutritious greens like barley grass, spirulina,
eleuthero root, choline, alfalfa, kelp and a proprietary blend of essential oils to boost vitality by
supporting the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems. Members who have used this say
they instantly feel like they have more energy and clarity.
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These select Ningxia Products are 15% off for the next couple of days! Have you tried
Ningxia Red yet? If not, I highly encourage you to grab a couple of bottles & give it a
shot! I drink it daily for a mood booster and energy! It's become a staple we don't go without!
Remember when I told you about my morning power shot routine on our last weekly Connection Call? 
Shake it up in a small mason jar and you’re ready to go!
 2 oz. Ningxia Red Packet (or water)
 1 scoop Ningxia Greens
 1 scoop Inner Beauty Collagen
 ½ tsp Golden Turmeric
 ½ tsp. Sulfurzyme Powder
 1 packet Mindwise
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Check for October updates on the calendar page on my website: CALENDAR.  And if you live in the Peoria, Illinois area, please consider joining us this month in Peoria Heights for our monthly Community Gathering! You can RSVP by contacting me at 309-450-9711. 
Or join us on Zoom! I'll send out reminders for our Zoom classes, but if you see a topic that interests you on the schedule above, save the date and this link:
Passcode: abundance
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Notice we will be focusing a lot on gift basket demos this month with fun themes like Spa
Baskets, Teacher Baskets, Hostess Baskets, Baby Shower Baskets, Fun Drink Gifts, and more.
Perfect for preparing ahead for the holidays!
Over the next few months, look for lots of fun DIY recipes and crafts like this easy Make Your Own Aroma-Therapy Dough! 
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Have a blessed month! I look forward to keeping you in the loop!
Stacy McDonald
Royal Crown Diamond