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Starting to feel like fall!

We have a huge selection of Patio Furniture in stock for you to purchase. Come check it out!

  • Have weeds? Come talk to us about the different options for spraying them in your yard.
  • Have holes in the yard? Use Soil Mender Soil Mix to fill in the spots your dog has dug up! This is a great combo of Top Soil and Cotton Burr Compost!
  • New flowerbed? Do you need to amend the garden? Add Back-To-Earth Cotton Compost to your flower beds and garden to help break up that hard clay!
  • This is a great time of year to re-mulch flower beds to prep them for the upcoming winter months. We have multiple options to choose from.
  • Time to fertilize your Fescue and Bluegrass! These are cool season grasses that love growing in the spring and fall! Use Greenmaker to keep it thriving
  • Have trees that aren't as green as usual or even yellow? Use Medicap Iron Implants to bring them back to life! This is traditionally an iron deficiency. 

Standard Chairs
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Petrol Blue and Caribou Brown
6.5" Garden Mums
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All 4" Herbs
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4.5" Garden Mums,
Cabbage, and Kale
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All Botanical Interests Seed Packets
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Toscano Unicorns
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See y'all soon!
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