First name / Friend, it is Book Day! We would like to continue with the book club series of our newsletter! At Arwani Law Firm we like to always keep you posted on the books that are being read by our lovely staff. Hope you enjoy and have the chance to read some of our suggestions. Our list is made up of the following: 
  • Mediations: This book was written by Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus back in the 2nd century A.D. These writings began as an all encompassing personal journal for Marcus Aurelius to express his thoughts away from public scrutiny. The name Mediations came from the way he expresses himself throughout the pages as sort of a private diary for him to control his thoughts. It seems to be one of humanity’s early example of mindfulness and meditation. A book that is as relevant today as it was then. The most powerful man on the planet in his time period and just as human as the rest of us. A Stoic masterpiece.
  • Who Moved My Cheese: This book written by Dr. Spencer Johnson, M.D is a simple parable that reveals profound truths. The story is about two little people and two mice in a maze, searching for cheese, where each character represents a different attitude towards change. Cheese is a metaphor for whatever we consider success.
  • Testosterone: This book is an insightful, scientific read written by Harvard evolutionary biologist Carole Hooven. Through riveting personal stories and the latest research, Harvard evolutionary biologist Carole Hooven shows how testosterone drives the behavior of the sexes apart and how understanding the science behind this hormone is empowering for all.

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