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Non-toxic cleaning: Eight picks
Our friends at Poppylist, easily the coolest and most thoughtful baby registry out there, are on the Sway blog today talking about their tried and true picks for non-toxic cleaning products (like Grove and Common Good). You're going to want to bookmark this one. 😊
New on Sway: Rugs we love
This might be the most popular furnishing category that people reach out to us about. Rugs made from transparently disclosed, healthy materials can be particularly hard to find, which is why these two brands feel like a jackpot. 
Hook and Loom: Hook and Loom stands out from the crowd and sets the highest bar for healthy rugs—for so many reasons. First, they use organic cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). (While it's common now to find GOTS-certified bed sheets, that's simply not the case for rugs.) Hook and Loom's organic cotton rugs are also free of dyes, and can be machine washed. We simply can't get over the care they've put into this line. Your home will be healthier for it. 
Lorena Canals: Listen: Your life will change when you start buying washable rugs. And these rugs are durable, too. I scooped up the Bereber rug many years back and it's still in nearly mint condition today, even after being in a high-traffic area. 100% cotton + natural dyes = a great option for healthy homes. 
Really good links this week 🔗
The search for the perfect coffee table book ends here: Arent & Pyke, my favorite interior design firm, finally dropped their hardcover book and it's *very* easy on the eyes. You can buy the (luxeeee) slipcover edition on their site, or save about 50% by scoring the standard version from Amazon UK, which ships to the U.S. 
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California is banning PFAS in textiles and cosmetics: They join Washington state, which enacted legislation this spring for a 2025 PFAS ban, and it looks like New York may soon follow suit. (More on PFAS, aka per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, aka “forever chemicals,” which have been linked to kidney and testicular cancer.) This is serious progress for the regulation of chemicals of concern—and a sign that there is mainstream demand for healthier/non-toxic products.
…and Parachute's new furniture line already avoids PFAS: Parachute just launched a furniture line, taking care to use PFAS-free fabrics. It's great to see more and more brands acknowledging harmful chemicals and taking strides to use better materials—even before regulatory bans kick in.  
Can we manufacture without toxics and carbon? The latest panel from Parsons School of Design will talk it out on Oct. 20. Register to attend for free. 
Little rituals: From taking a “bird sit” to reading a few pages of Nancy Drew, these little rituals might inspire you to make time for more joy in your day. 🫶
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