“The number one thing I learned:  Put yourself first.  Say – No, I don’t want to go!  Say – Yes, I do need help!....SELF-care is NOT SELFish!”  
- Breast Cancer Survivor, Gwen Weinstock
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My Cancer Family is a  TOP 10 TEAM
Thanks to a $10,000 donation from one of our partners!Thanks to the American Cancer Society for recognizing My Cancer Family and honoring me this Sunday, October 16th at Making Strides in Central Park.  We want to meet you.  We want to support you.  We want to be there for you.  We want you to walk with us! 
 I’ll be kicking off the walk in Central Park at 8am.  Please click HERE to join our team and walk with us in Central Park!
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During Cancer treatment, getting moving may not be easy.  I remember many days that just walking around the block was all I could do.  For those of you going through treatment now, walking could be your best friend, walking could help you in more ways than one.Joyce Shulman is the co-founder and CEO of 99 Walks and Jetti Fitness, two companies on a unified mission to inspire walking, wellness and community for women. 
A former commercial litigator, Joyce is also the author of  Walk Your Way to Better and a veteran of the TEDx stage.  A serial entrepreneur, these are the latest successful startups Joyce has co-founded with her husband and business partner Eric Cohen.  
How important and life changing can a walk a day be? 
99 Walks / Jetti Fitness:
A regular walking practice can be transformative for mind, mood and body. Seriously, there are too many benefits and too much research to even know where to begin, but I'll share just a few. 
For your mind, walking has been shown to improve your decision-making and focus, boost your creativity and improve your memory. In fact, one study has shown that a regular walking practice literally makes your brain bigger by adding volume to your hippocampus -- the region of your brain associated with memory and executive function. 
For your mood, walking reduces the stress hormone cortisol, boosts the "happy hormones" dopamine, serotonin and endorphins has been shown to be as effective for many people as medication… 
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By Gwen Weinstock:
Here’s a few words of wisdom, tips and hacks from a 6 ½ year Breast Cancer Survivor
The number one thing I learned:  Put yourself first.  Say – No, I don’t want to go!  Say – Yes, I do need help!  Especially if you must go to work and/or are caring for your family, allow those close to you to be there for you.  Listen to your body:  Sleep past the alarm when you can.  Eat chocolate if that’s what you want!  If something feels truly off, let your doctor know – don’t be a martyr!  SELF-care is NOT SELFish!
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As a reminder, or in case you are new to us, My Cancer Family will be the safe place to go for community, support, resources and help…Everything from getting to the right non-profit that offers FREE programs to helping with nutrition to tutorials for how to put on eyelashes, to sharing wisdom we learned (like why your nose may run all the time), to connecting anyone with a survivor who knows and understands.
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We want to support you and everyone you know who has had cancer, is going through treatment, or is newly diagnosed and their families and anyone who is affected by Cancer.
Cancer Sucks.  F*** Cancer. We Hate Cancer. We know this already.  We can’t change that for you. We CAN change your journey. We WILL make it easier and better.We are YOUR Cancer Family.
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