aligned and anchored
the practice in paragraphs
 scripting your story 
What you and I do today, who we encounter, decisions we make, words we speak or text, and possibly the lies we whisper to ourselves are crafting a paragraph.
A paragraph that links to every other paragraph to create a chapter.
Paragraphs script a chapter, and the chapters flow together to write a story. That means we can pause to realign ourselves in the current paragraph to influence the storyline. Influencing what we move towards.  What we settle for.  Risks we take or don't. Who we become.  What, who and how we influence.
Those individual paragraphs that completed past chapters, the ones that are behind us, might hold some regret, pain or shame.  Hold tight friend.  Those past pieces of our story can be realigned as a resource that fuels us forward with purpose vs settling into the shame, should and sabotaging messages we might be holding to.
No part of your 
past chapters, the bits and pieces tucked in a paragraph are wasted.
So to the women who might have some regrets:
I'm here to remind all of us one more time, no part of our past chapters, the bits and pieces of regret nestled in a paragraph are wasted.  They may need redefining and reframing but trust me they are a resource when we stop allowing them to define us. This is soul work not solo. I'm here for you.
To the overwhelmed woman:
Today is simply a paragraph, not the end of the story.  You are not authoring a novel in day. [besides a novel isn't written in a day and requires multiple revisions]!
Let's offer ourselves some grace and start with identifying a small shift in the words [our habits] that create the content of a paragraph [our day] and watch how it changes our storyline.  How it changes us.  How it can transform how we live, how we lead and love ourselves and others.
I might be the WHO to help you emerge the HOW.
Reach out if you're ready to explore alignment that offers greater clarity and direction in what you are moving towards.
It's your story.  And your story matters! 
story in progress,