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Hey Queens ✨
We made it through another exciting, BUSY, yet fabulous fashion month! In total, there were: 6 flights, 3 cities, 2 continents, and countless memories captured across 1 month😅✈️. Fashion month has officially wrapped and I’m SO excited to dish on all of the exclusive fashions, #BTS moments, and personal lessons that I gained from the experience. 
This week’s newsletter is 100% dedicated towards recapping Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Month! If you’re interested in attending fashion month next year, or getting the scoop on my favorite moments, keep reading for the juicy details…

Understanding The Bigger Picture…
A Letter to my Queens:
Brace yourself for some news: attending fashion month is an INVESTMENT! From splurging on flights and lodging, to prepping your wardrobe…it can be a costly expenditure. The fun, glamour, and excitement comes at a hefty price tag; not to mention the physical and mental toll that comes with the pressure of executing and working nonstop. 
That’s why it’s key to understand your WHY: the bigger picture and reason for why you’re doing what you’re doing. What makes all of this worth it? I like to think of my “why” as my personal mission statement that keeps me focus, grounded, and motivated to keep going.
So what makes fashion month worth it to me? Well, my “why” is to solidify myself as a fashion expert within the industry. I want to be at the forefront of learning about new trends, discovering new designers, and creating representation for women of color within the fashion industry. My natural passion for fashion extends beyonddd just putting together a trendy outfit. I absolutely love being able to share my creative insight and educate my community firsthand on the #bts of this world.
No matter the industry, career, or field of interest, its always important to understand your “why”. It'll be your north star in guiding you towards your goals. 

Top 5 Moments From Fashion Month
So if I absolutely, positively had to narrow down fashion month into my top 5 favorite moments, I would probably say…
  1. Glamming with Glemaud: hands down, one of my most memorable moments from NYFW was getting the bts experience at the Victor Glemaud show! From interacting with Victor himself, to seeing the models, and cameras, it truly felt like a MOVIE SCENE!
  2. Brunching with KG: one of my favorite parts about my job is the connections I get to make with other black female content creators. My management agency threw its bi-annual #KensingtonGrey brunch during NYFW and it was radiating with positive vibes and amazing energy!
  3. Lights, Camera, Action with Roberto Cavalli: attending the Roberto Cavalli show wearing Roberto Cavalli was a MOMENT to say the least! Definitely one of the highlights of MFW!
  4. Partying with Philipp Plein Official: contrary to popular belief, fashion month is lots of work 🤣, so attending the Philipp Plein Official fashion show during MFW was a treat. There was fashion, live music, dancing, and arcades. Soo much fun!
  5. BTS with Roger Vivier: one of my favorite moments from #PFW was attending the Roger Vivier event and having the pleasure of meeting Halley Bailey, the Little Mermaid herself! It was truly a moment! 

My 3 Pieces of Advice 
For Attending Fashion Month
All in all, fashion month was soo inspiring and such a surreal experience! If you’re a fashion lover, upcoming designer, or passionate about the industry, investing in the experience will be totally worth it! With anything, you want to be intentional and strategic to maximize your time. For those looking to attend next season’s fashion month, check out my 3 pieces of advice… →    →    →   
  1. Have Defined Goals: what do you hope to accomplish once this is over? Are you attending fashion month to get press, network with influencers, connect with brands, etc.?
  2. Quality > Quantity: it’s not about the amount of shows you attend, but about creating impactful moments.
  3. Have Fun!: don’t put too much pressure on yourself; this is a learning experience!

Thank you for your support ♥️
Whether you're new and just stumbled across my latest TikTok, or you've been a day 1 follower since the #OOTD mirror pics, I want to thank you for being here. Thank you for commenting, watching, encouraging, and speaking positivity over me and my brand! I truly get so energized by the support that this community generates and don't take it for granted. Thanks for being along for the ride as I live out my passions. 
Hopefully I inspire you to live out yours in the meantime 

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