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Sunk Cost Fallacy
are you familiar? 
What is the Sunk Cost Fallacy you ask? 
The Sunk Cost Fallacy describes our tendency to follow through on an endeavor if we have already invested time, effort, or money into it, whether or not the current costs outweigh the benefits.
Think wearing the clothing item that you don't love because you paid full price. Bringing home the left overs from a meal that you know won't be as good tomorrow. Continuing on with a series or movie or book that you don't love because you've already invested so much time into it.
Or, maybe my favorite, using something that doesn't 100% work and scraping it together with hacks or tape or like pulling ladles of curry out of the crock pot so it wouldn't overflow because we have the smaller size.
I fall into the sunk cost fallacy a lot when it comes to time and energy invested too. I put a lot of thoughts into different projects and make the plans. Then when the time comes to do the work I'm not always into it. 
I also talk a big game so there is the added potential embarrassment when I bump into someone who is like “whatever happened to that podcast you were going to start?” 
Here's the beautiful thing though… I get to change my mind.
I get to pivot. Or abandon. Or go deeper. 
We all do. Our desires change. Our values evolve.
My mind can't compute 5 year plans. I love dreaming up the possibilities but I choose not to map out a linear path. I follow my intuition and my interests and I decide that I never lose; I either win or I learn.
(Thank you Nelson Mandela for that last line)
I am in a chapter of self discovery. Of listening to myself. Of using my talents. Not from a “look what I can do” standpoint but from a why wouldn't I standpoint.
Why wouldn't I make it easy for myself? Why wouldn't I seek joy? Why wouldn't I desire big and beautiful things for my life? 
Coming into the holiday season we will be surrounded by wishing and when I find myself wishing for something I no longer view it from the lens of lack (look what I don't have). Instead I say “look at all that I do have and I want more of what I already have!”
And that bigger crock pot will give me more hands-off but homemade meals to enjoy with my family.
Enjoy the rest of your day - talk soon!
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