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Well, HELLO!  Once again, it's taken many months to write!
It has been, let's say, an interesting few months.  Aside from all the (((waves hands at general state of the world))) we've got changes on the horizon, too. 
We had TWO hurricanes cross right over top of us within 6 weeks, which is incredibly rare. One in November, which is rarer still, and quite frankly, so rude!  November is for football and turkey dinners, not sad tuna sandwiches while lacking basic utilities!
Even one big storm tends to disrupt life for many weeks both before and after the actual event.  But in addition to storm prep and ride-out, on the day before the first one, we found out that the house we have rented for the last 10 years is going to be sold in the spring, and that we had 6 months to move.  PLOT TWIST!
We've been ready to get out of FL for a WHILE now for lots of reasons, but thinking about it in the middle of a LITERAL HURRICANE really helped to solidify our decision that now was time to leave Orlando.  Meaning our 2 year get-out plan was turned into a 2 month plan.  I've been really ready to severely downsize to get our daily lives more manageable for awhile, too.  Je suis fatigué!
So we're gonna put the WEST back in West | South, and start off near my family in Idaho as a home base, and then see where life takes us.  We begin the journey at the end of January - which feels like a few days and not a few weeks away.  Like any big change, it's exciting and terrifying all at the same time.
So if you need me, I'll be sorting through the mountains of stuff we've accumulated over a decade, eating alllll the best holiday candy and cookies while sealing yet another box of books I can't part with, and holding onto all the…
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