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Hey First name / Friend,
Time for a quick “Top 5 Things on Our Mind” Monday email! 
  1. Tiffany played with the American Wild Ensemble this weekend in Kansas City! It was a blast and she says you MUST check out the 30+ commissions from this group - they are wonderful and SO varied! There are multiple compositions for combinations of flute, clarinet, horn, cello, viola, violin and percussion! One of Tiffany's favorites? Christopher Stark's Shy Bricks! 
  2. We had a blast at our audition workshop yesterday! Want in on the fun? Grab a replay + 11 pages of audition/application resources for $5.
  3. At the end of the day, the thing that matters most in a college program? The effort you put in, your curiosity and how you maximize the resources at your disposal!
  4. You enjoyed our 4 Tips for Pre-Screen Recordings! Check them out.
  5. Motivation hard these days? Peak-season stress? Remind yourself why you went into music in the first place. Read through some chamber music with a friend. Get outside for a walk. Make a warm beverage. ☕️ You got this. 
  6. BONUS: Instead of thinking of it as a performance, what if you thought of it as an offering?
Much love and have a great week! 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 

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