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Thank you so much for being a part of the Solstice Sampler! Let's jump in to Week 3.  Don't forget you can color your own Solstice Sampler quilt by visiting QuiltInk or downloading the coloring page. If you're just joining us, you can catch up on previous blocks via the button below.
This week's block Polaris is brought to us by Coronado Quilt Co
Note that if you have any questions about the pattern this week, you will need to reach out directly to the author of that block. 
The winner of last week's prize is… @6kellrs! If this is you, reply to this email with your email address and physical address, and we will get your prizes sent out!  You won: 
Each week we will have a fun prize for some lucky participant of the Solstice Sampler! All you need to do is post your progress (and it's ok if it's not on the block of the week) on instagram with the tag #SolsticeSampler2022, and a winner will randomly be chosen from the week's posts. 
This week, we have some fantastic prizes from our sponsers:
Fabric Requirements
Fabric requirements can be tricky to determine for sampler blocks, because there is so much freedom to choose the colors you think would go best in each block! The following are rough requirements assuming you follow one of the above layouts, with ample overage to provide flexibility. 
Fabric A: 
1 ½ yards
Fabric B: 
¼ yard
Fabric C: 
1 ¼ yards
Fabric D: 
¾ yard
Fabric E: 
1 yard
Fabric F: 
¾ yard
Fabric G (background) 
3 ½ yards without
4 ¼ yards with borders
Finished Size:
54" square without borders
60" square with borders
Just a reminder, every week you'll get a new block in your mailbox, from 10/10 to 12/5. There will be prizes, an awesome community, and some unique blocks by:
@wren.collective, @lynsavenue, @thequiltyarchitect, @exhaustedoctopus, @cottonandjoy, @alderwoodstudio, @quiltallthethings_, @kindredquiltco, and
Solstice Sampler Quilt
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