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Earlier this month, I spent time on the campus of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, where I met with women from industries across the globe to discuss how to “do power differently.” There were surgeons, politicians, college professors, you name it. The one thing we all had in common was an active leadership commitment to lead with greater impact. We looked at our “5 Vs” and the collective and interdependent role they play in how we experience power, understand power, and ultimately how we express and interact with power.
  1. Our values, or what we believe in;
  2. Our voice, and how we use it to advocate for those values;
  3. Our vessels, and we embody wisdom;
  4. Our visions, and ability to see a reimagined future; and
  5. Our voyages, and the journey we commit to for ourselves and our communities of influence.
One of the most life-giving and values-aligned ways I connect with my power is through LD’s Dreams Liberation Fund (which I am SO EXCITED to bring back around this year! 🥳🥳See more below.). 
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But… I digress (for now).
In the spirit of power, this month’s newsletter also taps into the power of community in hearing about and strategizing for race equity, via the Side by Side playbook and the Race Forward Conference, respectively. And most importantly, it admonishes YOU to use YOUR VOTING POWER as we approach a critical election where power and liberation is squarely in the balance.
Happy Halloween!🎃
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in pursuit of liberation,

Take good care! See you next month!

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