Question for you!
We're considering a new service for you!
When we look at the landscape of community for married couples we find it waning. Unless you're intentional in seeking out a small group of married couples you're apt to make your neighbors, parents from school, 
tennis/golf/gym adults your community. While there's nothing wrong with that they may not aspire to the same marriage goals.
Psychologist Sue Johnson said there is “a huge loneliness settling in like a frozen winter on so many humans. Inevitably, we now ask our lovers for the emotional connection 
and the sense of belonging that my 
grandmother could get from a whole village.”
We want to provide a safe confidential place where you can join other like-minded married couples who believe in 
being intentional in their marriage. A place where you can come for support, advice and encouragement.
What does this place look like? 
  1. Every week you would have the opportunity to call into a live zoom call and either ask questions or simply listen in and learn from other couples receiving advice. Perhaps your spouse is resistant to counseling but they might be willing to try this option.
  2. Russ and I would host these calls. We take decades of lessons and narrow them down into days for you so that you will have quick transformative changes, not simply more information.
  3. Can't make the call one week? No problem, the call is recorded.
  4. Not sure you're open to sharing your issue in front of others? No problem, you can submit your question(s) anonymously.
Your turn…please vote if this interests you below, yes, no or maybe.

Waiting on the Marriage Date Night Event Video? 
Thank you for your patience. I received my laptop back today from Apple and will start working on the edits! 
I hope, but no promises, to have it out by next week.
On another note, we have a special announcement to share next week!! We can't wait to share how God has been 
moving and directing us!!
We're so grateful for you,
Danielle & Russ