Thank you for attending “JUST FOOD Building an Equitable & Local Food Economy." A special thanks to our Community Partners for their promotional support, and we are grateful to the panelists for generously giving their time. Each voice represented a critical part of the ‘food movement’. The connectivity among the panelists made for a dynamic discussion!
The conversation captured the many meaningful ways in which food catalyzes connection and inspires. Panelist, Stefanie Robles noted, "Food is power. Food is agency. Breaking bread is how we build community. Supporting a circular and sustainable food economy is one way we can combat the food industrial complex."
A few highlights:
* Network Building + Relationships are everything! Fostering a values aligned ecosystem of supportive networks is key to success. 
* Break Barriers and create new systems that address & serve the needs of entrepreneurs. Success is measured, first, by community connections.
* Create Empowerment by embracing co-operative values. We need each other to solve problems and create solutions. Ask yourself: How do I make decisions collectively to improve life for all of us? There are enough resources for everyone!
* Historical Context + Colonialism is important to understand when considering solutions. The industrial food system is a continuum of an economic system rooted in centuries of colonialism. Every time we purchase food, there is opportunity to create an equitable, just and local food economy. 
* Reframe + Reimagine beyond charitable models. Invest in entrepreneurship: both entrepreneurs & the organizations that offer economic support.  
Ways you can support an equitable and local food economy!
~ Offer Services
Accounting, Legal, Permitting & Licensing, Design
~ Purchase + Invest ~
East End Market is looking for volunteers to support in technology 
development, continue programming for senior feeding sites, and 
strategy support for marketing.
~ CitySeed ~
  CitySeed is hiring multiple roles!
 Food Business Accelerator is currently taking applications for the 2023 cohort!
For more info and upcoming info session HERE.
Sanctuary Kitchen has menus of delicious, global food prepared by immigrant and refugee chefs in our culinary training program. Order from our weekly menu, or choose us for your next catering order.
Image item
Image item
Artist: Dawn M. Spears, Narragansett/Choctaw
Medium: Watercolor, Ink | Dim: 9"X12"
Copyright: 2021 Dawn Spears
"My work reflects my culture and our relationship to plants. I use the symbols from nature, deconstructing every image from a forest landscape to a twig, the lines, curves and contrasts are where I gain my inspiration. I like creating work that is subjective, bright and thought provoking.” ~ Dawn Spears 
Funding a Resilient Regional Foodshed
November 16,  2022 
@ 7:00
See you in November!
Ali Ghiorse + Sarah Coccaro