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FALL IS HERE! Which means it's time for another BIG event in Winnsboro! Don't miss out on all the exciting things going on around town during this weekend. We will have our 5C booth right outside the store with a huge collection of our preserved florals from our wedding line available for purchase as well as our Event Sale going on! The Entire Store + Booth will be 25% off this weekend only!  
November 11 & 12, 2022
Friday: 1 pm to 7 pm
Wineries open until 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm
Come downtown to the bowery and check out all the art vendors who will be making the trip out to our beautiful town for the weekend. While also enjoying some amazing wine from the featured wineries while you shop!
Beer & Wine Tasting Night
Thursday November 3rd 6:30PM-8:30PM
Sinclair Market--- $15 per person
Turkey Shoot & Pancake Breakfast
Saturday November 5th 8:00AM
Winnsboro Gun Range
Benefit Bake Sale
Saturday November 5th 9:30AM-12:30PM
Sinclair Market-- In Memory of Sabina McMinn
Open Mic On Market
Every 2nd Thursday 6:00PM
Starts November 10th
200 Market St. Winnsboro, TX
Christmas in the Park
Saturday November 12th 9AM-3PM
Winnsboro Civic Center
Pop-Up Art Show
Saturday November 19th 11AM-3PM
Oaklea Mansion
Fall 2022 Gun Show
Sat. & Sun. November 19th & 20th 7:00AM
969 Wheeler Dr. Winnsboro, TX
Thanks Giving Story Time
Monday November 21st 10:00AM
Gilbreath Memorial Library
Join us for the 2022 Winnsboro Sip 'n Shop every Second Thursday of each month from 3-6 PM! Stroll downtown Winnsboro and collect stamps to unlock savings. 
Collect 6 stamps for 10% off and all 12 for 20% off a single item at a participating business. 
Pick up Passport @ Bowery Boutique
220 Market Street 
*Limit one passport and discount per customer*
Escobedo's Scratch Kitchen
203 Market Street (coming soon)
The Golden Goose
606 S. Main Street
Latham Grey Boutique
810 W. Broadway
Check out our on going list of 2022 new businesses below! 
DNA Smoke House
503 E. Carnegie Ave
Bunkhouse B&B (Airbnb Location)
One Mile outside of Winnsboro
Lorraine Howard Photography
113 E. Elm Street
Carnegie Cottage (Airbnb Location)
Corner of Carnegie & Walnut
The Elusive Turkey- Restaurant & Bar
218 N Main Street
Backstage Coffee Lounge
217 Main Street
Havens Café
303 Main Street
Coyote Smoke BBQ
Pump Gym House
500 Park Street
Modern Country Art Gallery
215 N. Franklin
Elm Street Apothecary
300 Main Street
Angelic Interior Designs
606 Main Street
Rust BBQ - Every Saturday @ Cypress Brewery
200 E. Carnegie

hELLO  FROM Cameron&Mike
Cypress Creek Brewery
200 E. Carnegie Street
Winnsboro, TX 75494
Opened in August of 2018, Cypress Creek Brewery recently celebrated their 4 year anniversary. They are a family owned and veteran owned, small batch, nano-brewery in the heart of East Texas. Owners Mike and his wife Sandy grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Mike joined the US Navy in 1984 which took him all over the US and he has lived in 7 different states. Sandy’s dad was an Air Force Master Sergeant retiree, which had her all over the country living in 7 different states also. They met in San Diego CA, while he was in the Navy and have been married for 36 years. They moved to Wylie, Texas (from Virginia) in May of 2007 (15 years ago) where he was a Software Development Manager and then to Winnsboro in early 2017 (5 years ago). Sandy is an Operations Manager for a Hospital Billing company working remote and has been for 20+ years. Sandy and Mike's son (picture on the left) is also a friendly face you may see at the brewery or our local events helping run day to day operations and working alongside his family to bring you their amazing brews.
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When asked why they chose Winnsboro to be their location of choice, Mike said "After about a year of visiting numerous small towns in and around the East Texas area. We were looking for a place to get out of Dallas and wind down on the weekends. Winnsboro just seemed to be the friendliest place we visited and had a diversity of people that made it the most welcoming choice for us. The close lakes and easy access to the Interstate, but far enough outside Dallas to be slow and relaxed, was a big factor, as we love to Bass fish when we have any down time."
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The brewery has a “Brewery Hour” every Wednesday from 5PM to 6PM, which includes $1.00 off every beer on tap. We also offer 10% off all beers on tap, when you wear in an exposed Cypress Creek T-Shirt. Starting in 2023 we will be changing to a new brewery club membership, but the details have yet to be finalized. 
A free option that anyone can participate in, is to download the phone app “Untappd” onto your phone and when you visit the brewery you “check-in” the beers you have had and in doing so, you can earn rewards at set levels.
Cypress Creek is currently rated as one of the top rated breweries in Texas on the app, which has over 10 million users. The brewery has a global rating of a 4.2 out of 5.0 (with 8000 check-ins) and is listed at #16 in the US for nano-breweries (a brewery under 3 Barrels).
Mike & Cameron will also have a brewery tent out at the upcoming Fine Arts & Wine Festival event here in Winnsboro on November 11th & 12th. They would love for you to come by and get a taste of their amazing brew creations. They hope to see you there!
When asked if they have future plans for the brewery, 
Mike said, "The brewery is currently operating at Max capacity and we are now looking at ways to expand our operations to increase our presence in the outside market. We are targeting 2023 to begin canning some of our products and begin a wider distribution in Texas. We currently only distribute to the local restaurants and only for special events or select occasions, due to our limited capacity.”   
Do they have plans for a restaurant on Market Street?
“The Market Street location “Cypress Creek on the Bowery Wine and Ale Bistro” is still in planning. We are hoping to be open before the end of the year, but the brewery is taking up all of our time and the progress has been slow. The new location has definitely been a moving target over the last two years, with COVID setting us back an entire year from our original goal. ”
 "Rest assured, we do still plan on making a big impact on Market St and downtown Winnsboro when we do open. We will be bringing our highly rated, local and made in Winnsboro beer (which has recently received the “Go Texan” approval) to the new location, as well as Wine, Cider and Mead. 
The new Bistro location will be serving a sampling of these products from the patio during the Art and Wine Festival 11/11 – 11/12. As for food, we have not narrowed down the menu yet, but we will be gearing the atmosphere to a casual and social environment and less a sit down, full service restaurant. We like the atmosphere that the brewery has developed and our customers feel welcome and engaged and we just think that is something we want to stick with."
Please show our featured vendor for the month some love and stop by their brewery to taste some of their amazing beers. For the full month of November be sure to bring your Cypress Creek Brewery receipt to our store (The 5C Home Store) to enjoy 30% off one regular priced item (some exclusions apply). One discount provided per receipt provided.  
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Market Update
Less Competition = Time and Options
So you've seen the craziness that happened over the last year in the real estate market. Crazy over asking prices, multiple offers upon offers, and now rising interest rates and your either scared to buy or your sitting back and trying to time the market. Well though none of us have a crystal ball to really see what the market is going to do, I can tell you by sitting back and waiting your are wasting your time and money. The best time to buy is when you CAN AFFORD to buy! If you can afford to make that jump then do it, because if not you are only going to be paying 100% interest in the meantime if your continuing to rent from an apartment or landlord. So instead of paying your own mortgage your just paying off someone else's and helping them continue to build equity instead of yourself. 
This new market shift has allowed buyers to have more time to view and decide if they want to put an offer in on a home as homes are not flying off the shelf like an Flat Screen TV on Black Friday. It also has given buyers time to think about their options as there are more homes available because they aren't gone before you ever got a chance to even see it was available. Keep in mind your not the only one waiting and trying to time the market. There are many buyers doing the same thing, but the ones who are buying now are enjoying the time of less competition and the bit of wiggle room to negotiate. If you continue to wait you could be looking at jumping back at the same time everyone else decides to do them same! Hello competition again!
P.S. If your going Black Friday shopping this month be safe out there my friends! :) 
Your Realtor Note
Thinking about buying, but not sure its the right time for you? 
As stated above the best time to buy is when it's right for YOU and when you can afford to do so. Although you will never quite know for sure unless you start that conversation with a realtor and lender. A lender is going to look at your credit and your debt to income ratio as well as your monthly and annual income to determine if you qualify to purchase a home. If you do they will pre approve you up to the max sales price of a home you are allowed to purchase. Keep in mind just because 500K may be your max doesn't mean you have to push it to the top of your budget. That's when your agent comes in, be open and honest about how much you truly want to spend on your mortgage each month as NOBODY wants to be house broke and have buyers remorse, and your realtor shouldn't want that for you either. The new 2-1 Buydown Program explained below in the mortgage update may be a great option for you too and allow you to save money each month and buy now instead of waiting to time the market for rates to drop! 
So if your thinking about buying and want to start the conversation if now may be a good time for you I would love to help you line out those goals and make your home buying dreams possible. 
Jorden Anderson
Looking to sell or buy a home, I'd love to help you make it happen
Jorden Anderson
Heart-N-Home Real Estate Group
Your Lender Note
Why would you wait!
So as I said last month “DONT WAIT to BUY Real Estate. BUY Real Estate and WAIT.” This program applies to this slogan perfectly. As instead of sitting around waiting to time the market perfectly, you can utilize this program to your advantage to get into the market now with a lower rate. Then while owning that real estate and building equity you can wait for rates to drop to that lower rate you were going to wait for, while also benefiting from not having to join the rat race of all those buyers who were also waiting to time the market. As when all those buyers decide to rush back it will only create more competition which you aren't having to face right now! The best part is this isn't an adjustable rate, when you utilize this program you are locked in at that market rate say 7.25%. The first year you get it bought down 2% under market (5.25%), then the 2nd year 1% under market (6.25%). Upon the 3rd year it would be back to the original market value of that 7.25% but would have saved you money within those two years, but if the rates were to drop to the 4-5s or lower between that two year span you can refinance your home to that new lower rate. Therefore it allows you to get in now without having to wait for rates to drop to the 4-5% and build equity within that timeframe. If the rates were to continue to rise you would still be benefiting yourself by utilizing this program now to get locked in --Daniel Anderson   
If your interested in seeing what is possible for you I'd love to chat about your goals
  Integrity Mortgage Corporation of Texas
Daniel Anderson


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Making Magic Happen
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