First name / Friend, We are very excited to add a new segment to our newsletter that came from one of our very own subscribers. The segment is called “Whatcha Watching?”. Here, we will discuss the firms favorite TV shows and movies, and what we are currently watching. We realized that we discuss movies and shows we watch rather often, and we are pretty sure it is a question that comes up a lot in our social groups. So since the firm considers you a part of our group, we would like to share what we are watching with you. 
TV Show:
Stranger Things- Keeping to it with the season, Stranger Things is a show set in the 80’s in Indiana, during the Halloween season. Everything seems normal at first until some unusual things start happening in a town where crime is uncommon. Now a group of middle school kids, their siblings, and parents get involved in an adventure that is out of this world… or under it! 
Blonde- This movie is a new Netflix original that has Ana De Armas portraying the famous Marylin Monroe. While the movie has been controversial, the acting and cinematography are up to high standards. It is also intriguing to see the life of such a mysterious and important character in Hollywood.  

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