It has been a month since my last newsletter (posted on October 4). This month really is something. Busy but enjoyable.I'm exhausted but happy.It's draining but dreamy. Everything is great, Alhamdulillah.
Writing this newsletter is probably the very least thing to do on my work checklist. But that doesn't mean I'm ignoring it or making excuses. Because the truth is, I feel guilty not posting here on a weekly basis. I will do better next time. So pardon my absence. I'm back and here I am sharing a little snippet about what has happened in October.
  1. Editorial Vol 10 is coming along nicely. Met few bumps in the process, but everything is going smoothly now. I'm so surprised to have received so many submissions in these past few weeks. Thank you for your support.
  2. I had the opportunity to have a Zoom meeting with Simone Schultz, Managing Editor of Design Anthology. There are so many things I have learnt in this short meeting about running a publication from a grandeur scale angle. Definitely a good point moving forward for Musotrees.
  3. I am still commuting between Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi; both for personal and professional work. I have created a new term; pro-fresh-ional. And I love them both. Found so many inspiration in the process. Blessed.
  4. I got Covid for the second time. Ergh ugly. But it wasn't that bad to compare the first time. My brain can still work from home, so no complaints.
  5. Met a bunch of creative and wonderful people from Jakarta. We are thinking of doing something together to bridge the gap between KL and JKT; but in my Musotrees way, independently. I'll talk more about it soon.
  6. Winter travels? I read the latest Monocle issue yesterday, and I'm so pumped. If you know of any new magazines that you want to suggest for me to read, please let me know!
  7. November and December are already well planned. But first, let's celebrate the small and big wins in October.
  8. While Covid-quarantine, I watched the Netflix limited series ‘From Scratch’. I haven't watched any good shows for the past few months. So I gave this one a go. Oh boy. I'm bawling and inspired at the same time. The memoir is probably the best show I watched this year, in my opinion.
A little reminder to myself, and to you too if you can relate. Sometimes when it is too overwhelming, I tend to regress. That way, I can keep my fresh perspective for works and constantly looking for new inspiration in my daily findings. Understand your brain, listen to your guts, be experimental, meet new people. It's always important for me to have a centre when working. I'm basic like that. 
On another note, I'm actually revamping this newsletter to be brand-driven for the next month. Not hard sell, God no. More like finding the right niche for your needs. So I'm looking for any local and international brands to be on Musotrees' digital platform. More details are coming. 
That's all for now. I'm off to do some groceries. I hope this newsletter helps. If not much, maybe a little. Slow down if you need to. Go regress if you must. Take it one day at a time ok!
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